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 Missleading Broadband Ads To Be Banned

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PostSubject: Missleading Broadband Ads To Be Banned   Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:16 pm

Quote :
Misleading adverts about broadband speeds may soon be banned after Ofcom slammed providers' unfair practices.

According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband speed is 6.2Mbits per second yet the average advertised speed is 13.8Mbit/s.

The industry watchdog has recommended that speeds quoted in broadband advertising should be based on a typical speed range.

It argues that a typical speed range gives consumers a clearer idea of what speed they can expect unlike current advertisements, which display the best possible speed.

"It is important that the rules around broadband advertising change so that consumers are able to make more informed decisions based on the adverts they see, and that advertisers are able to communicate more clearly how their products compare to others in the market," says Ofcom chief executive, Ed Richards.

In October last year Moneywise launched its broadband campaign. It looked into unfair practices and part of its mission statement called for transparency on actual speeds.

Moneywise's campaign called for a ban on the use of the phrase 'up to' in advertising and for the term 'average speed' to be used instead.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, welcomes Ofcom's report and says that Virgin Media have been calling for a change in advertising for years now:

"Ofcom's latest report is yet another damning indictment that consumers continue to be treated like mugs and misled by internet service providers that simply cannot deliver on their advertised speed claims."

"Broadband providers have to base their speed claims on the typical real world speeds being delivered to customers and we support Ofcom's call for all ISPs to publish the typical real world speeds they're delivering to customers so people know exactly what to expect and what they're paying for."
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Missleading Broadband Ads To Be Banned
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