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 Limewire will shut its Music Store on New Year's Eve

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PostSubject: Limewire will shut its Music Store on New Year's Eve   Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:04 am

Quote :
THE WALLS are caving in on Limewire with the media sharing outfit announcing that it will shut its music store at the end of 2010.

Back in October, Limewire revealed that it will all but cease operations following a federal court ruling that outlawed the distribution of its client software.

Now the outfit has stopped taking payments at its music store, a legitimate retail outlet for music. In a statement, Limewire said it will shutter its music store on 31 December 2010 and has already stopped accepting new customers.

Limewire is getting ready for another court battle in January 2011 and it is expected that what little is left of the firm will go down the river after that. Following the federal court ruling in October, the firm laid off a significant chunk of its workforce, although it was keen to promote its music store as a way to continue generating cash.

Now that the music store will be closed, there won't be much left of Limewire for the court to award in any judgement against the outfit come January.

Those with subscriptions at Limewire's music store are expected to receive information about what will happen to their 'store credit' soon.

All this marks a sorry end for the high profile filesharing network. Although Limewire's popularity waned with the proliferation of Bittorrent, it still had hundreds of thousands of users and its failure to withstand attacks by the big media companies marks a loss for the filesharing community.

Ironically, it seems the big music Mafiaa has managed to shoot itself in the foot by forcing the closure of a legitimate music purchasing service in its short-sighted battle against those it terms 'pirates'.

My Note: Well as far as im aware, Limewire seams to have been closed down, but didn't several times, they seem to be allowed to stay active, but 99% of the files they share, contain viruses, so best close it completely to safegard the people.
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Limewire will shut its Music Store on New Year's Eve
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