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 Sony PlayStation Move Controler

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PostSubject: Sony PlayStation Move Controler   Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:51 am

Quote :
Sony's PlayStation Move motion controller is out in the UK today - but which of the games released for it at launch are worth it? We round up our reviews of Sports Champions, Start The Party! and Kung Fu Rider.
Reviewing Sports Champions, Metro's David Jenkins pointed out the obvious: that it's pretty much just a clone of Wii Sports. 'This really is Move Sports in all but name,' he says. 'The selection of sports has more in common with Wii Sports Resort, but like the original Wii Sports there's no attempt to create any kind of common backdrop... you just blandly select options from a menu screen.
'There's no equivalent of Miis either, just a selection of instantly unlikeable national stereotypes that look like they've just escaped from a Benetton advert.

But for all that it's unoriginal, Sports Champions is still effective: 'Luckily the games themselves are much more endearing, with Table Tennis proving to be the most instantly impressive of the six. There's nothing unusual or innovative in its presentation or design, but it does help to illustrate just how accurate and responsive the PlayStation Move is.'

In conclusion, he says that Sports Champions is 'unoriginal and blandly presented, but an effective vindication of Move - with at least half of the games being the best ever adaptations of their sports'.

Likewise, Start The Party! can't claim any great originality - and it also doesn't have the quality of Sports Champions as an excuse: 'If Sports Champions is Wii Sports then this is Wii Play... but this motley selection of mini-games is not going to keep even the most booze-filled party amused for more than half an hour.'

One of its redeeming qualities is the way that it overlays the game onto a live picture of your livign room as you play it - superimposing whichever object you're using in the game on top of the controller in your hand. 'So if you're swatting bugs in one it looks like you're holding a fly swatter and if you're smashing a piñata in another it appears as if you're wielding a baseball bat.'

But the novelty wears thin quickly: in conclusion, we say that Start The Party! is 'by no means the worst mini-game collection there's ever been, but in terms of genuine party entertainment it's only a few steps above the Tory Conference.'

But if that sounds like a not terribly appealing prospect, it's nowhere near claiming the title of 'worst game released for Move so far.' That dubious honour goes to Kung Fu Rider, a bizarre game revolving around 'an office worker and his secretary... being pursued by Triads. For reasons that are never adequately explained the only means of escape they can devise is riding downhill on an office chair.'

While that sounds like it could be fun, 'the game cannot stop itself from pilling on complication after tedious complication... Quite frankly, it's probably the worst control scheme we've ever experience.'

And it gets worse: 'For bonus misery points merely steering left and right is feels horribly loose and unreliable. And if you fall off your chair too many times you have to restart a level completely from scratch. Oh, and it's possible for cars to drive up behind you, completely unseen, and run you over without any chance to avoid them.

'If this was a free demo it'd be an insulting waste of your time - to think that Sony are trying to charge £30 for such drivel is absolutely astonishing.'

In conclusion: 'Not only the worst PlayStation Move game but probably the worst motion-controlled title ever. Riding through traffic on a real chair would be more entertaining.'

Full Story Here

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Sony PlayStation Move Controler
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