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 Crew (formally known as Beaver Crew)

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Burn Carter


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PostSubject: Crew (formally known as Beaver Crew)   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:41 pm

^Î^ Crew || ||| _21CD50ADD00B
Hosted by Burn Carter from West Virginia USA. Not a porn or sex chat room, however there is alot of adult related topics as our main thing is the F word. Not that one, but FREE as in freedom to speak, share and simply be stress free by relaxing and just by being yourself. However if you do have a problem with profanity then this is definately not the kind of chatroom you would want to visit, nor would I allow my own kids to see some of the topics so it's not your typical family filesharing room and not a must share room either, chatclients are more than welcome to park and hang. October 2010 will make my 7th year running Crew on WinMx and i just busted my own online uptime hosting record and fixing to hopefully beat the longest record I've seen since I've been on Mx set by Greg Davies aka Tokesbowls for a now closed room called CMC who used a payserver and accomplished nearly 47 days uptime with no netloss whatsoever which was more than impressive to say the least, but in the spirit of friendly competition, I'm going to do what I can to blow his record away and send him the logfile as proof. lol Much thanks and appreciation to Max and others who have helped me with not only the Crew room, but my ongoing recording network as well. Crew was formed basically to make M.O.A.N. related files free to the public and now thanks to others around the globe creating images for my websites, music videos and exposing me to internet DJ's everywhere, I truly feel blessed in having people around the world urging me to continue doing what I do. You guys have more faith in my abilities than I do myself alot of times it seems and for that, I am truely thankful. Pain is temporary. Pride is forever. Some misinterprets my pride as being egotistical or vain but it's not that. I'm a U.S. airforce warvet with extremely high morals and believe honesty is the best policy. Nobody is perfect and we learn from our mistakes therefore ignorance is bliss and nothing to be ashamed of because its simply the lack of knowledge, not stupidity. Believe me, I'm ignorant about a great deal of things but those who knows me also knows i'm well educated in other things cuz I am ^Î^-«CrÈ\/\/»-ßٮѠ|| ||| Çà®´][`Ê® damnit. the 1 and only lol
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PostSubject: Re: Crew (formally known as Beaver Crew)   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:54 pm

Yes indeed, it isnt a place for kids,
But it is a place to pop in and meet the psycobots, im sure you will find them interesting rofl

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Crew (formally known as Beaver Crew)
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