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 Chat.Net Client : By Sean

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PostSubject: Chat.Net Client : By Sean   Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:25 am

This is a new client from Sean, it runs on .net framework,
it has a cool look and is easy to use,

features include:
stored history, so you know what rooms you have been in
a favourites list, these are customisable,
1, you can have different on enter greetings for each room if you like,
2, you can add the room to auto join if you wish to enter on starting,
the userlist shows the actual coloured names, so you dont have to fight through colour codes to click on a name,
there is a 'now playing' option that works with windows media player, winamp & itunes,
each room is on a seperate tab,
1, these change colour when someone types in a room,
2, these also change to a different colour if the room disconnects,
3, you can also re-connect without closing the tab,
right click on the typing strip shows a menu with colour codes, send message to all rooms, statistics like uptime, system info & client verion etc,

the client is being improved all the time, you are welcome to try it and give feedback

Please Note Sean's Program Does Require .Net Framework To Run It

.Net Framework 4 Is Available Here

Quote :
Chat.Net Changelog
Added: Loopback link on Join Channel dialog (forgot to add during re-design)
Added: Join Channel dialog now checks clipboard for a channel name.
Added: Shortcut keys for all items on Options dialog. (Pressing Alt shows values)
Added: Format options for User Entries, Exits, and Renames.
Added: UserList Font options - Large and Small.
Added: 'Explore File Location' button on Options dialog. (For me actually)
Added: Font button on NowPlaying options tab for convenience.
Added: 'Show Scroll Bars' options to enable removing all scroll bars for cleaner look.
Added: If there is a problem with your options file, a backup will be created before using defaults.
Added: Full support for Emulators "Im Typing" protocol (now Chat.Net will be seen as typing like WPCC)

Changed: Layout of Options dialog. (Includes several phases of changes)
Changed: Control+Tab and Control+Shift+Tab to cycle tabs instead of Alt+Left and Alt+Right.

Fixed: Server Menu commands work.
Fixed: Options dialog Tab navigation is now ordered.
Fixed: Join Channel dialog attempted to add favorites twice.
Fixed: All tab buttons are now the same height as the Menu buttons.
Fixed: The input box and status areas should now have a border on Windows XP and earlier.

Removed: Loaded Assembly list on About options tab. (Not really useful)

Working on: Adding full keyboard support to client and list controls.
Working on: Adding ChannelList/UserList Font options.
Working on: Adding full Whois and PM support.
Chat.Net Changelog
Added: Informational messages when loading or saving a channel cache.
Added: Stand-alone About dialog instead of tab on Options dialog.
Added: Context menu for private chat tabs.

Fixed: UserList/Channelist behaviour when using PageUp or PageDown.
Fixed: "Hosted on" would be blank if server did not support Client ID's or connection failed.
Fixed: Various color problems with all menus and toolbars.
Fixed: Several minor bugs and inefficiencies.
thanks Sean

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Chat.Net Client : By Sean
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