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 RoboMx Understanding The Menu & Icons

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PostSubject: RoboMx Understanding The Menu & Icons   Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:52 pm

Understanding the RoboMx Menu

on RoboMx you will see a menu with tabs: RoboMx, Chat, User, View, Window & Help,
there are also icons on the lower line,

first i will run through the menu tabs

enter new channel = opens a box to add a channel name in
channellist = shows a list of channels
reconnect = leave & rejoins the room you are in
reconnect all = leave & rejoins all rooms you are in
close this channel = exit the channel you are in
connect/disconnect from the WPN = self explanatory
refresh WPN = reconnects to the WPN network
change user details = box with your name & connection type

view channel log = opens your log folder (if you log chats)
add to auto join = allows robomx to enter as it starts/connects
view topic = shows the topic of the room you are in
view current bans = shows the ban list (admin only)
display in channel (sub menu)
    winamp song = shows the song you are playing
    average lag = shows the lag/slowness/delay in the room
    ping = how many milliseconds to send a ping request to host pc
    lurkmeter = how long the room is idle
    statistics = when you joined, how many users in room etc
    online time = the time your robo has been connected
    system uptime = how long your pc has been running since reboot
    system info = your operating system, ram, hard drive
    extended system info = you cpu type/speed, hard drive space and tech info

text tricks (sub menu)
    different ways to write,
    like text in bubbles
    coloured text & more

channel stats = room name, room uptime, host uptime etc
copy room name = self explanatory
mute sounds = turn sounds on/off
clear window = totally clears/blanks all text

User (when you have clicked on a name in userlist)
send message = for sending a private message
browse = browse a users files
whois = seeing name, time connected, connection, transfer status etc
ignore = stops the user sending you private message when added to ignore list
unignore = removes then from ignore list
trust user = adds user to list of trusted users who can always message you
distrust user = removed user from trusted list
copy username = self explanatory
advanced = admin commands like kick, kickban, unban, add admin, remove admin etc
customise this menu = (experienced users only) can edit kick, kickban commands

full screen = self explanatory
system console = shows the error console
user list = detailed (name, connection, files, ip(admin)) short view (name)
channel bar = show/hide the channel tabs
tool bar = show/hide icons
status bar = show/hide menu
ignored users = shows the ignored list box
trusted users = shows the trusted list box
onjoin manager = shows your auto join channels box
options = takes you to the options window, you can change appearance/colours/font there

show, tile, arrange the windows of each room you are in

basic info of what model robomx and who made it etc

now i will list the Icons (left to right)
refresh connection
channel list
enter new channel
rejoin channel you are in
close/exit channel you are in
change user details/name
mute/unmute sounds
next window/tab

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RoboMx Understanding The Menu & Icons
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