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 ZCB Bot Setup Tutorial

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PostSubject: ZCB Bot Setup Tutorial   Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:02 pm

Zenar's ZCB, an easy to use bot, it can read/respond to normal words, also action, as well as opmsg and commands,
it can handle multi lines for menu's and pic's etc,
it can be set up to auto join your room and log itself in,

Please Note This Bot Does Require .Net Framework To Run Available Here

Whan you start ZCB it will connect, (allow connection through your firewall or router)
In the top menu is:

File = in here is connect, disconnect & exit

Config = here you can select black or white screen, auto join, rejoin if disconnected, place for room name & time stamp options,

Plugins = a one click reload's the plugins where your triggers/responces are,

Info = the usual info and website,

here is the basic plugin supplied with ZCB, this has a few examples lower down i added
Quote :
###### ActionReaction by Zénar ######
<| Here is a list of variables you can use |>
ŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone speak in the room

ŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone use /action or /me

ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone is using /opmsg [dont work in rswcs]

ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone is using a command

ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when you enter a room... you can use login here

ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone enter the room

OnUserExit |-> %NAME% %RAWNAME% %IP%
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone left the room

ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ |-> It's when someone change his/her name

The variables bellow can be used everywhere:

## the on-enter login and bot [a run command is not needed] ###
OnEnterRoom=/login Your Bots Password

### renames ###
OnUserRename=%OLDNAME% Has Come Out Of The Changing Room As %NEWNAME%

### commands can be opmsg or normal output ###
OnCommand=/kick=/me closes door

OnCommand=/listbans=/opmsg if your name's down, your not comming in

### here is some normal triggers and responces ###
OnChat=night all=goodnight &NAME%

OnChat=night night=goodnight &NAME%

OnChat=!routers=Router Help http://portforward.com

OnChat=!zcs=ZCS & ZCB http://www.maxtech.forumotion.com

OnChat=!winmx=WinMX http://patch.winmxconex.com/

### Multi line trigger/responce ###
OnChat=!copy=Left Click/Hold & Scroll over what it is you want, [highlighting it] Hold Down Ctrl Key and press C to copy
OnChat=!copy=On RoboMX as you highlight then stop, this has been auto copied
OnChat=!copy=To Paste Hold Down Ctrl Key and press V to paste

### action responces ##
OnMe=oops=shakes head at %NAME%

OnMe=oops=/me shakes head at %NAME%

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ZCB Bot Setup Tutorial
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