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 Using Another Browser Thats Not Internet Explorer

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PostSubject: Using Another Browser Thats Not Internet Explorer   Tue Jul 31, 2007 3:17 am

Vista Opening Links to Another Web Browser Than IE

By default, when you click on a link to a web page, Vista will automatically use the Internet Explorer.
If you want it to use some other program like Firefox:

1. Go to the Control Panel \ Programs \ Default Programs
2. Click on Set your default programs
3. Select the Web Browser you want to use
4. Click on Choose defaults for this program
5. Under Protocols, check HTTP
6. Click on Save
7. You can also check .htm and .html as well

Now when you click on links in an e-mail for example, your other web browser will start.

If your other browser does not show here, then you can make a change to the registry

Go to:

Change it from IE.HTTP to Firefox.Url (if you are using Firefox for example)

No reboot is necessary

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Using Another Browser Thats Not Internet Explorer
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