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 WPCC Tutorial

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PostSubject: WPCC Tutorial   Sun Aug 23, 2009 5:42 am

The WinMX Professional Chat Client byf Emulator is a familiar looking chat client

*please note, this has a large memory leak, if you host, it will use more virtual memory than your room server, prolonged use may cause your pc to run out of memory, restart wpcc regularly*

Setting Up WPCC.
Once installed, start WPCC and remember to allow access through your firewall or router,

The 1st page you will see has your username & shared files count as well as connection type displayed in the chat room userlist.
An added extra is the away status, no other client so far has this, you can set your status to any of those in the drop down list box.

The Settings Pages (there are three settings pages)
Settings Page One:
Advanced Channel Options include "Hide XXX and bad channels" tickboxes to filter/hide the rooms such as "sex" "porn" etc,
The "Auto Join Channels on Startup" list. Any chatroom entries in this box will be joined automatically each time you start up WPCC.
Another feature is "Auto Logins On Joined Channels" allows you to enter a chatrooms name and select a password for each chat entry to allow automatic logging in when you enter.
Yet another tick box is the "Auto ReJoin Channel". When this box is ticked WPCC will attempt to rejoin any channel that it may have "fallen out" of or become disconnected.
Like RoboMX you can chose how many times it will try to rejoin a chat channel.
The on enter message "Send A Message when join in chat" is just that, it displays as you enter each room.

Three more tick boxes are:
"Enable Nudge Sounds" - This tick box is to allow you to set whether you wish to hear IM style "Nudge" sounds from other WPCC users. Un-tick unless you like surprises!
"Enable New Message Sounds" - This tick box will allow you to hear a sound when a new message is received
"Enable Nudges" - This tick box is to allow you to set a choice of whether to receive "Nudge" function notifications or sounds.
Incoming Message Privacy, This looks like WinMX tick boxes allows you to choose either to "Allow Messages From All Sources" or only those who are "Users On Your Hotlist" or "Users In The Same Chatroom".
You can select either "Quiet" or a sound to aleart you to an incoming message, choose between the "Default Wav" or select some other sound using "Browse for Wav File"

Proxy Settings:
This small section is for setting the address and port of a proxy should you wish to use one, the "Enable Proxy" tick box will as it says enable the proxy.

Default Peer Cache:
This is how WPCC connects, the ideal connection method is to see "caches.winmxworld.net" in the box
It is advisable not to use the "Default Primary IP" entering the primary IP, TCP Port and UDP Port, unless you Know what you are doing.

Various Settings:
This area contains a multitude of tick boxes,
"Fetch Channels Immediately When Connected" - This box allows you to automatically grab a channel-list as soon as you become connected.
"Include Topic In Channel Filter" - This allows you to search for rooms that may interest you by including the rooms topic text in the scope of the Channel Filter button.
"Save Channel List" - This does as it says and will keep a copy of the channel-list handy so you wont have to grab one each time your looking for a specific room.
"Autolog On Join Channel" - This box when ticked will generate a text log file of the chat room activity in the WPCC folder.
"Insert "n\" On Multiline Text" - This feature is to help manage large quantities of text by inserting newline characters when necessary - (some rooms do not use \n as newline or multi line)
"Flash Chat Tab When New Message Is typed" - This is a useful setting for slow rooms where you may not wish to watch the room waiting for a reply that could be some time in coming. Tick to enable.

Settings Page Two:
This page is self evident and is for changing the colours used in the various display and list windows.

Settings Page Three:
This section deals with loading plugins, which can be done manually by Pressing the "Refresh" Button or allowing them to be loaded at startup by ticking the "Enable Plugins to Be Loaded In Chat On Start" tick box.
In both cases the plugin files will need to be installed in the Plug-ins folder of WPCC, you can download plugins from Emulator's site.

This section deals with the integration of [ES] (Eagles Server) into WPCC and will allow you to host a chat room utilising it..
To allow this you will need to enter the path to Eagles server in the box, you can at this point choose whether to hide the servers presence by ticking the "Start Server Hiding" tick box.

"Use Anti-P2P Protocol" - At this moment, we are unsure what this actually does, unless its for another feature not yet installed.
"Inform Server When You Type A Message" - This tick box allows for you to choose to send out a special indicator to other WPCC users that you are typing a message, the status message will flash red when typing while this is enabled.
"Show Your User Status And Personal Message" - This tick box will allow your client to send out to other WPCC clients the special "status" marker shown above as well as allowing the sending of the "Personal Message"
"Flash And Balloon Tip When You Name is typed" - This tick box simply allows you to see a flashing visual indication when your username is typed into the chat room.

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WPCC Tutorial
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