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 Changing Vurtual Memory or Pagefile

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PostSubject: Changing Vurtual Memory or Pagefile   Thu Apr 09, 2009 12:44 pm

Vurtual Memory or Pagefile is different to RAM, if this is set too low, you will get "out of memory" warning bubbles popping up,
to change this to a correct setting, make a note of your RAM,

1. goto Control Panel
2. in the Performance & Maintainance catagory
3. click Systems icon
4. click Advanced tab
5. in Performance section
6. click settings button
7. click Advanced tab
8. in Vurtual Memory section
9. click Change button
10. click Custom (to add your values)
11. set Maximum and Minimum amounts of MB in the small boxed
12. click OK when done & reboot

Note: the best minimum size should be equal to your RAM, the maximum size should be 3 times the RAM

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Changing Vurtual Memory or Pagefile
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