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 Magic 8 Ball : By GOverlord

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PostSubject: Magic 8 Ball : By GOverlord   Mon Nov 24, 2008 5:04 pm

Found this script from GOverlord and thought i'd post it


<command type="script">
<in>!Magic 8ball</in>
<out>Thank You %NAME% for choosing My Magic 8-ball to answer your question...</out>
<out>To use the 8-ball ask your question and type in !shake to get your answer.</out>

<command type="random">
<out>Yes most definately!</out>
<out>Could be...</out>
<out>It is possible</out>
<out>Signs are cloudy with a 50% chance of rain...</out>
<out>Ask again later</out>
<out>Might not be a good idea</out>
<out>Now that is WEAK</out>
<out>My reply is NO</out>
<out>ZZZzzz...Huh? Shoot! I was sleeping soundly and you just HAD to wake me up!</out>
<out>Hey!!! Quit Shaking my home!</out>
<out>I'm not TALKING to you...</out>
<out>It's hard to explain right now...</out>
<out>If you are Lucky...</out>
<out>Concentrate Harder</out>
<out>It is certain</out>
<out>Dont you already know???</out>
<out>The future is what you make of it</out>
<out>No Chance</out>
<out>Sorry, I wasn't paying attention, there's a very distracting wind up my robe...</out>
<out>Outcome Unclear</out>
<out>My sources say NO</out>
<out>Cannot predict now</out>
<out>Outlook good</out>
<out>It's decidedly so</out>
<out>Without a Doubt</out>
<out>Dont count on it</out>
<out>As I see it, Yes</out>
<out>Outlook not so good</out>
<out>Signs point to Yes</out>
<out>You may rely on it</out>
<out>Very Doubtful</out>
<out>Better not tell you now</out>
<out>You're Dreaming!</out>
<out>Prediction hazy</out>
<out>Try that question again...</out>
<out>Don't bet your last dollar on it!</out>
<out>Quit pestering me!</out>
<out>Don't look now but your queue is full of leeches...</out>
<out>Why you asking me?</out>
<out>Sorry, all operators are busy at the moment, Please hold and your Question will be answered by the next available operator...</out>


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Magic 8 Ball : By GOverlord
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