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 Browser Security Test

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Browser Security Test Empty
PostSubject: Browser Security Test   Browser Security Test EmptyFri May 16, 2008 2:13 am

Browser Security Test is a free test,
it takes just a few moments, depending on your internet speed,
it shows any vulnerability your browser may have, testing it's security,
it's completely safe to use, no matter what browser you use and how secure you think you are,

Test Your Browser's Security Now

Careful! The test will try to crash your browser! Close all other browser windows before starting and bookmark this page. If your browser crashes during the test, restart it and return to this page. It will show which vulnerability crashed your browser and offer you to continue the test or view the results.

The test requires persistent cookies to be enabled. The cookie is used to restore your session after browser crash

Browser Security Test Pup
Browser Security Test Bar
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Browser Security Test
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