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 The "Can Not Paste" Problem

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PostSubject: The "Can Not Paste" Problem   Sat Nov 03, 2007 2:03 am

sometimes your clipbook will not allow you to paste

to find the clipbook program in (C being your hard drive)
Quote :
C:\Windows\System32 (look for) clipbrd.exe
click to open the clipboard program, this opens a box,
if its a blank greyed out box, there might be a minimised box within they greyed out box, full screen that inner box,
if not the clipboard is not working,
close the clipbrd and open task manager (keys CTRL+ALT+DELETE ) on the "Processes" tab look for clipbrd.exe and end process,
then back to System32 and click the program again,
if it is still greyed out, here is one thing to try,

click start > run > (opens command box, type in box)
Quote :
Regsvr32 /i ole32.dll and click [OK or Enter]
then in same box type
Quote :
Regsvr32 /i shell32.dll and click [OK or Enter]

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The "Can Not Paste" Problem
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