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 Signature Bars or User Bars

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Signature Bars or User Bars Empty
PostSubject: Signature Bars or User Bars   Signature Bars or User Bars EmptySun Oct 28, 2007 1:26 pm

ok heres what you need to make your own signature/user bar,
visit a user bar maker site, there are a few, but i found this one easy,
Signature Bars or User Bars Click
there you add the pic (optional) for the basis
add any text and position of it
chose the fade colours and direction
how many lines on it like \\\\\ and if you want a ridge or flat
thats it, it makes it, you save it to your pc,

some people like to have a few with or without the image on it,
you can make an animated one, this is say four bars combined that rotate or slide or flip through the sequesnce (if you link it to a site, you can only have 1 link on the bar, regardless of the multi bar images)
here is an easy to use userbar animation site that i found
Signature Bars or User Bars Click
you select your userbars (maximum 10)
then choose how they change (up down slide etc)
how often (default is 2 seconds her image)
then they make 1 that changes, you save it to your pc.

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Signature Bars or User Bars
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