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 Advertise Guidlines, Legal Notice

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PostSubject: Advertise Guidlines, Legal Notice   Sat Oct 20, 2007 8:27 am

please follow this simple structure to ensure ease of advertising.

Forum Or Web Site URL :

Description if desired :

You may "bump" your if so desired

No "Locked" or "Members Only" forums please

Our Legal Obligations.

There are Legal Obligations that we as Administrators of this forum have to abide by as part of the TOS for this forum.

This refers to the Content of All Forums that are Advertised on this forum and in Members Profiles.

The Administrators Must Not and Will Not allow the advertising of forums that contain, allow or promote the Illegal Downloading of movies, music or any other copyright material, pornographic or any other inappropriate material.

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Advertise Guidlines, Legal Notice
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