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 Trivia : TV (2 posts)

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PostSubject: Trivia : TV (2 posts)   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:23 am


<Trivia><q>List the 1st & last names of all 4 Sweathogs on Welcome Back Kotter?</q><a>Vinnie Barbarino,Freddie Washington,Arnold Horshack,and Juan Epstein</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How did Jamie Sommers become bionic?</q><a>from a parachute accident.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name every actress who played an 'angel' on Charlie's Angels</q><a>Farrah Fawcett,Kate Jackson,Jaclyn Smith,Cheryl Ladd,Shelley hack,Tanya Roberts</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What color is the car that Starsky & Hutch drive?</q><a>Red with a white swoop</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What sci-fi tv show of the 60's became a Filmation cartoon in the 70's?</q><a>Star Trek</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the two main families on Soap?</q><a>The Tates and The Campbells</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On what show did Dano get to book the bad guy?</q><a>Hawaii 5-0</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What model of car did Starsky and Hutch drive?</q><a>Red Torino</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did The Chief nickname Starsky's car on Stasky and Hutch??</q><a>The Striped Tomato</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the first name of Captain Dobey on Starsky & Hutch?</q><a>Harold</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the NYC club where Blondie and the Ramones got their start?</q><a>CBGBs</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What's the connection between the Carol Burnett Show and Mama's Family</q><a>Eunice and Mama</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did Archie Bunker call his son-in-law?</q><a>Meathead</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who wrote the 1977 TV mini-series Roots?</q><a>Alex Haley</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Whose big break was playing Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back Kotter?</q><a>John Travolta</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Can you name all of the Bradford's on Eight is Enough?</q><a>Tom,Abbey,David,Mary,Joni,Susan,Nancy,Tommy,Elizabeth,Nicholas</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Happy Days,what animal did Fonzie jump his motorcycle over?</q><a>A shark</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was Mallory Keaton's fiance?</q><a>Nick Moore</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which one of the A Team was a Pilot?</q><a>H.M. Murdoch</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the cat in the smurfs?</q><a>Azriel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What's the connection between Benson & Growing Pains?</q><a>Missy Gold and Tracey Gold,</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the leader of the good Transformers?</q><a>Optimus Prime</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the dog in Fraggle Rock?</q><a>Sprocket</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Punky Brewster's dog?</q><a>Brandon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Angela's son's name in Who's the Boss?</q><a>Jonathon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Michael Jackson advertising when he was nearly killed?</q><a>Pepsi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was ALF's girlfriend from Melmac's name?</q><a>Rhonda</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Arnold's fish on Different Strokes?</q><a>Abraham</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Three's Company,what was Jack's retaurant that he opened and was head chef ?</q><a>Jack's Bistro</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Three's Company,what's the first name of Mr. Furley's (landlord) tight wad brother who owned the building?</q><a>Bart</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Three's Company,what city did the trio live in?</q><a>Santa Monica</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Three's Company,what is the name &quot;Chrissy&quot; is short for?</q><a>Christmas</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On three's company,what was Chrissy's father's ocupation?</q><a>A Reverend</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What current cast member of ER was on an 80's show of the same name?</q><a>George Clooney</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the bully who terrorized Arnold on Different Strokes?</q><a>The Gooch</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Roscoe's dogs name on the Dukes of Hazzard?</q><a>Flash</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the school mistress in The facts of Life?</q><a>Mrs. Edna Garrett</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were the names of the four main characters of the Facts of Life?</q><a>Jo Blair Natalie Tootie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the bartender on The Love Boat?</q><a>Isaac Washington</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Jeffersons was a spinoff from what show?</q><a>All in the Family</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What star of the Breakfast Club was also part of the orginal cast of the facts of life?</q><a>Molly Ringwald</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What actor was famous for the line &quot;nanoo nanoo&quot;?</q><a>Robin Williams</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Facts of Life's Mrs. Garret's gourmet food shop?</q><a>Edna's Edibles</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did Webster call his adoptive parents?</q><a>Ma'am and George</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who shot J.R. Ewing?</q><a>Kristin</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Little House on the Prarie,what was the original name for the school teacher?</q><a>Miss Beatle</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the Dukes of Hazzards car?</q><a>General Lee</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Little House on the Prairie,what was Laura's horse's name?</q><a>Bunny</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On One Day at a Time,what were the two daughter's names?</q><a>Barbara and Julie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who palyed Mork from Ork's son?</q><a>Johnathen Winters</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which famous talk show host made a guest apearence on Laverne & Shirley?</q><a>Jay Leno</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the three children on Kate and Ali.</q><a>Jenny,Chip and Emma</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What method of transportation did Webster use to get from the upper level of the house to the lower level?</q><a>The dumbwaiter</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Knight Rider,what does K.I.T.T.'s name stand for?</q><a>Knight Industries Two Thousand</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Mork and Mindy was a spinoff of what TV show?</q><a>Happy Days</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the robot girl on &quot;Small Wonder&quot;?</q><a>Vicki</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Laverne & Shirley,what was Laverne's favorite drink?</q><a>Milk and Pepsi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What actress played Laura and Almonzo's niece on Little House on the Prairie?</q><a>Shannen Doherty</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the real name of the 'man of arms' in 'He man and the Masters of the Universe'</q><a>Duncan</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How old was John Schneider when he first played as Bo Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard?</q><a>18 years old</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On &quot;Three's Company&quot; what was Larry's (the upstairs neighbor) last name?</q><a>Dallas</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which professional wrestler popped both of John Stossel's ear drums during a 20/20 interview?</q><a>&quot;Dr.D</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Reverend Jims real last name on TAXI?</q><a>Caldwell</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On the show Kight Rider,what was the name of K.I.T.T.s evil double?</q><a>K.A.R.R.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Punky Brewster,how was she abandoned by her mother?</q><a>Her mother went in to the grocery store and never came out.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What show was Family Matters a spin-off of?</q><a>Perfect Strangers.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the connection between Jeffersons and Good Times?</q><a>Janet Dubois</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;Family Ties&quot; who was Alex P. Keaton's idol?</q><a>Richard Nixon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the bar that the characters from &quot;Three's Company&quot; frequented?</q><a>Regal Beagle</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What island did Balki from Perfect Strangers call home?</q><a>Mypos</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the bar on Dukes of Hazzard?</q><a>Boars Nest</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Knight Rider,what's the real last name of Michael Knight?</q><a>Long</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>My dad was a big kid,a big RICH KID. What show was I on?</q><a>Silver Spoons</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the helicopter on Riptide?</q><a>The Mimi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does ALF stand for?</q><a>Alien Life Form</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What media icon invaded Network 23?</q><a>Max Headroom</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On what show would you find Gary Gnu?</q><a>The Great Space Coaster</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>If you heard the words &quot;Hey You Guys!&quot; what TV program was about to begin?</q><a>The Electric Company</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Webster's adopted mom and dad's name</q><a>Poppadouupalus</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What sitcom was &quot;The Facts of Life&quot; a spinoff of?</q><a>Different Strokes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where was Hawkeye Pierce's hometown in the show M</q><a>A</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the short lived spin-off of Three's Company?</q><a>The Ropers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the children on &quot;Just the Ten of Us&quot;. Bonus: Name the dog.</q><a>Cindy,Wendy,Marie,Connie,J.R.,Heidi,the twins: Melissa and Harvey</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What show was Just the 10 of us spin off of?</q><a>Growing Pains</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the neighbors that lived next door to ALF??</q><a>Raquel and Trevor Achmanic</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the actress who played &quot;Melonie&quot; on the show &quot;Webster and Melonie&quot;?</q><a>Heather O' Rourke</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who played the Uncle on Family Ties?</q><a>Tom Hanks</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was ALF's real name?</q><a>Gordon Shumway</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the bar/restaurant on THREE'S COMPANY?</q><a>Regal Beagle</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the connection between Family Matters & Full House?</q><a>Steve Urkel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What ws Balki Bartokamus' occupation when he lived in Mypos?</q><a>Sheep Herder</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Night Court,who was Harry's idol?</q><a>Mel Torme</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the famous TV painter from the 80's?</q><a>Bob Ross</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What show was a spin-off of Transformers?</q><a>Go-Bots</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What TV personality did Doritos commercials?</q><a>Jay Leno</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the connection between The Facts of Life and ER</q><a>George Clooney</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who played Jo's sailor boyfiend on the Facts of Life?</q><a>Robby Benson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many children did JR Ewing knowingly have that lived on &quot;Dallas&quot;?</q><a>3</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the real name of Jem from Jem and the Holograms?</q><a>Jerrica Benton</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What 80's Pro-Wrestler was turned into a G.I. Joe character?</q><a>Sgt. Slaughter</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Battle Star Galactica,What was the name of the human leader of the Cylons?</q><a>Baltar</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were the two dogs names on Magnum PI?</q><a>Apollo and Zeus</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the full name of Mangum P.I.?</q><a>Thomas Magnum</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On M</q><a>A</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did the &quot;P&quot; in Roscoe P. Coltrane (from Dukes of Hazzard) stand for?</q><a>Purvis</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Vanessa's last boyfriend on The Cosby Show?</q><a>Dabnes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the detective agency in Moonlighting?</q><a>Blue Moon Detective Agency</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the t.v. show with the theme song that began: &quot;Believe it or not,I'm walking on air...&quot;?</q><a>Greatest American Hero</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the woman who helped run the school for the blind on &quot;Little House on the Prarie?&quot; (Besides Mary Ingalls)</q><a>Hester Sue</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Murphy Brown's news program?</q><a>FYI</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the date in 1955 did Marty from Back to the Future arrive on.</q><a>November 5th,1955</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Full House,what was Jesse's REAL first name?</q><a>Hermes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What current popular sitcom star played Michael P. Keaton's girlfriend Lauren Miller on Family Ties?</q><a>Courteney Cox</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the real name of the hospital on St. Elsewhere?</q><a>St. Eligius</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the show &quot;The Equalizer&quot;,what did the hero (McCall) call his former superior from the &quot;agency&quot;?</q><a>Control</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On &quot;Out of This World&quot; what planet was Troy from?</q><a>Anterrius</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the Saved by the bell series with Hayley Mills originally called?</q><a>Good Morning,Mis Bliss</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of He-man's legless,wizard friend?</q><a>Orco</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the primary occupation of characters in &quot;Falcon Crest&quot;?</q><a>vineyard owners.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was punky brewster's best friends name?</q><a>Cherry</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What Georgia town did the first Dukes of Hazzard episodes take place?</q><a>Covington,Georgia</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the Other short-lived spinoff of &quot;Three's Company&quot;</q><a>&quot;Three's a Crowd&quot;</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What 80's spin off of a 70's tv show did Martin Lawrence play on?</q><a>What's Happening Now</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does M.A.S.K. stand for?</q><a>Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was crocketts first name on Miami Vice?</q><a>Sonny</a></Trivia>

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PostSubject: Re: Trivia : TV (2 posts)   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:23 am

<Trivia><q>Name the three main bands featured on the cartoon series 'Jem' during it's entire 3 year run.</q><a>Jem and The Holograms,The Misfits,The Stingers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the home that Sofia Patrillo lived in before moving in with her daughter on the Golden Girls.</q><a>Shady Pines</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What Famous congressman was on an episode of the Golden Girls?</q><a>Sonny Bono</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What Show did the Simpsons first appear?</q><a>The Tracy Ullman Show</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>how did Rose Nilin's husband Charlie die on The Golden Girls?</q><a>He died of a heart Attack while making love to Rose.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was Michelle's first boyfriend on Full House?</q><a>Howie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Can you name the 5 original MTV VJ's?</q><a>Martha Quinn,J.J. Jackson,Mark Goodman,Alan Hunter and Nina Blackwood</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Jefferson's was a spinoff of what show?</q><a>All in the Family</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the cartoon show My Pet Monster,what were the only things that could send Beastor,Monster's enemy,back to the monster world?</q><a>A pair of orange handcuffs</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Ben Affleck played CT on what 80's science education television show?</q><a>Voyage of the Mimi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Diff'rent Strokes,what pet did Arnold keep in his room?</q><a>Goldfish</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the older brother on Happy Days?</q><a>Chuck Cunningham</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>If you saw a segment of &quot;Mathnet,&quot; what show were you watching?</q><a>Square One</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the principal on Saved By the Bell?</q><a>Mr. Richard Belding</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>on Different Strokes,who got kidnapped?</q><a>Sam</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the castle that gave He-Man his powers?</q><a>Greyskull.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the twins on the Thundercats.</q><a>Wily Kit and Wily Kat</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What planet did the Thundercats live on?</q><a>Third Earth.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On &quot;Who's the Boss?&quot;,what was Samantha's liscense plate on her first car?</q><a>SAM'S CAR</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What short-lived sitcom featured Snow White and Prince Charming living as husband & wife?</q><a>The Charmings</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On M</q><a>A</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did Archie Bunker on 'All In The Family' call his son-in-law Mike?</q><a>Meathead</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On night Court what was Bull's IQ?</q><a>181</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Rosanna Arquette's character's name in &quot;Desperately Seeking Susan&quot;?</q><a>Roberta Glass</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the connection bewteen the &quot;A-Team&quot; and &quot;Battle Star Gallactica?&quot;</q><a>Dirk Bennidic</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the robot on Buck Rogers?</q><a>Twiggy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What planet did Alf come from?</q><a>Melmac</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the helicopter service that was the cover for Airwolf?</q><a>Santini Air</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What are the names of the Simon brothers from Simon & Simon?</q><a>Rick & AJ</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did AJ stand for in Simon & Simon's AJ Simon?</q><a>Andrew Jackson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Simon & Simon,what unusual thing did Rick live in?</q><a>in a boat</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where did Simon & Simon take place?</q><a>San Diego</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Magnum PI's suave superspy alterego?</q><a>Sebastian Sabre</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where did Thomas Magnum grow up as a kid?</q><a>San Diego</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Magnum PI,what was the name of the charter service that TC ran?</q><a>Island Hoppers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Magnum PI,Rick was not Rick's real name. What was his real name?</q><a>Orville Wright</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Magnum PI,what was the name of the club?</q><a>The King Kamehameha</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Magnum PI,what kind of car did Higgins drive?</q><a>An audi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Thomas Magnum's dad was played by what actor?</q><a>Robert Pine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the connection between Good Times and Different Strokes?</q><a>Janet Jackson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were the 3 Chipettes names on Alvin and the Chipmunks?</q><a>Brittney,Jeanette,and Eleanor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the cartoon that had ponies of all colors of the rainbow,and had a design on their butt,there were pegasus,unicorns,and earth ponies and they talked?</q><a>My Little Ponies</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the spinoff show from Who's the Boss?</q><a>Living Dolls</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who replaced Bo and Luke Duke?</q><a>Coy and Vance</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who are the three annoying neighbors in &quot;Small Wonder&quot;?</q><a>Brandon,Bonnie,and Harriet Brendel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What city provided the setting for One day at a time?</q><a>Indianapolis</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On the show Cheers,What was the name of the restaurant above the bar.</q><a>Melvilles</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Iola cat that died on the episode of Mamma's Family.</q><a>Midnight</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the home of the Care Bear Cousins?</q><a>Forest of Feelings</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is MacGyver's first name?</q><a>Stace</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On &quot;It's Your Move,&quot; what is the name of the rock band that Mark and his friend Eliot pretended to be?</q><a>The Dregs Of Humanity</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the cartoon Jem and the Holograms,what was the name of Jems computer.</q><a>Cinergy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Night Court,Harry had a &quot;statue&quot; of what animal in his office?</q><a>Armidillo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the show Cheers,what was the name of the bar that always played practical jokes on the gang at Cheers?</q><a>Gary's Old Time Tavern</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were the names of Amanda's boys on Scarecrow and Mrs. King?</q><a>Phillip and Jamie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the club house of the Get Along Gang?</q><a>A red Caboose</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the comic strip that &quot;Henry Rush&quot; (Too Close for Comfort)wrote?</q><a>Cosmic Cow</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the leader of the bad guys on Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling that annoyed Hulk Hogan and his freinds?</q><a>Rowdy Roddy Piper</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>dropped out of the sky onto the actors' heads</q><a>Green Slime</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did He-man say when he lifted his sword and gained his strength?</q><a>By the power of Grayskull I am He-Man</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What 80's group sang the theme song to &quot;Square Pegs&quot;.</q><a>The Waitresses</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What 80's cartoon theme song did Ricky Martin sing?</q><a>Rubic-the Amazing Cube</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What 80's cartoon was a showcase for 'New Wave' Music videos?</q><a>Kidd Video</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What cartoon featured a boy with a community of tiny people living in his wall?</q><a>The Littles</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks?</q><a>Her father,Leland Palmer.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who's Eric Cartman's father?</q><a>His mother</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which character from beavis and Butthead has their own show?</q><a>Daria</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How long were Jerry Seinfeld and his pals sentenced in the series finale?</q><a>One year</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which actress was in the TV movies: The Oddyssey,and Merlin?</q><a>Isabella Rosselini</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Marge Simpson has the same maiden name as a former First Lady. Name the former First Lady</q><a>Jackie Kennedy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What show did Claire Danes get her start on?</q><a>My So-Called Life</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On MTV's Blame Game what is the name of the Judge?</q><a>Judge Reed</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Saved By The Bell,what was the name of the beach club that the gang worked at?</q><a>Malibu Sands Beach Club</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Wwhat is the name of Mulder and Scully's supervisor on the X-files?</q><a>Walter Skinner</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What's Mulder's nickname?</q><a>SPOOKY</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Digimon,what do T.K. and Kari have that the other children don't?</q><a>older brothers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Friends,what did Phoebe promise to give Chandler if her never smoked again?</q><a>$7,000</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>n boy meets world,what is the crazy older brother's name?</q><a>Eric</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>ON Beverly Hills 90210,where did the Walshes live before they moved to Beverly Hills?</q><a>Minnesota</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the magazine on Suddenly Susan?</q><a>The Gate</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Full House Uncle Jesse had a last name before it became Katsopolis what was it?</q><a>Cochran</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Beverly Hills 90210 What was the name of Brandon's first car?</q><a>Mondale</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On FRIENDS what was the name of Ross's monkey?</q><a>Marcel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What are Ren and Stimpy's last names?</q><a>Ren Hoëk Stimpy Cadoogan</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>It's Metallica now,but what band's name originally appeared on Beavis's T-shirt?</q><a>Slayer</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On Wings,what were the names of the 2 airlines at the airport?</q><a>Sandpiper Air and AeroMass</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many times has the character Ross from the show friends been married?</q><a>Twice</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On the show FRIENDS what was Phoebes twin sisters name?</q><a>Eursela</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the hang out of the 90210 gang?</q><a>The peach pit</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Save by the Bell,what were Zack and Kelly dressed up as the night they broke up?</q><a>Romeo and Juliet</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Growing Pains,What was boners dad's name?</q><a>Sylvester Stabone</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>On The Drew Carey Show what foreign country did Mimi send Drew to?</q><a>China</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What 80s show is Frasier a spinoff of?</q><a>Cheers!</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of Mr.Krane's dog on Frasier?</q><a>Eddie.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Fresh Prince of Bel-Air what was the butlers name?</q><a>Gefforey</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Roseanne what was Roseanne's gay boss/employee?</q><a>Leon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Beast Wars what is the name of the Maximal Ship?</q><a>The Axalon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What make and model of car does Nash Bridges drive?</q><a>A 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who shot Mr. Burns?</q><a>Maggie Simpson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How did the crew of Red Dwarf get brought back to life?</q><a>By Nanobots</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In what city does Matlock take place?</q><a>Atlanta,Georgia</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Ben Matlock's trademark outfit?</q><a>A grey suit</a></Trivia>


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