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 Trivia : Star Trek (2 posts)

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PostSubject: Trivia : Star Trek (2 posts)   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:21 am

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<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++ class is a relatively large type of starship with heavy armament. The warp pylons are swept downward and are affixed at their upper ends to two catamaran-like secondary hulls, which are connected to the top of the saucer section. A weapons module is located at the top between the two secondary hulls.</q><a>akira</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++++++ class is a large starship type equipped for scientific missions as well as for combat. The class appears to be an intermediate design between the Excelsior and Galaxy classes.</q><a>ambassador</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++ class is mainly a rearrangement of Excelsior-class components and was possibly introduced in the early 24th century. It has a weapons or deflector pod similar to the Miranda (but larger) at the bottom of the saucer between the warp engines.</q><a>centaur</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++++++ class is obviously a newer ship design. It combines an almond-shaped saucer similar to that of the Galaxy with two nacelles above and beneath the small engineering hull.</q><a>challanger</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++++ class is one of the few ship designs with four warp nacelles. The saucer hull is elliptical, but smaller than that of the Galaxy class.</q><a>cheyenne</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++++++++ class is a starship type with four warp nacelles that was first commissioned around 2280. Warp nacelles and several components of the saucer section are essentially identical to the Constitution and Miranda classes. +++++++++++++ class ships are outdated. Most of them seem to have been decommissioned prior to 2370.</q><a>constellation</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++++++++ class was introduced around 2240. At that time the ++++++++++++ class was the fastest and most powerful ship type of the fleet and the only one officially designated as starship. 12 ships of this class were in service by the year 2267.</q><a>constitution</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:Virtually nothing is known about this ship which is composed of Excelsior-class components and Constitution-class warp nacelles.It also has a &quot;spicy&quot; name.</q><a>curry</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++++ class was a commonly used design in the early days of Starfleet in the mid-22nd century. Unlike most later starships, the ++++++++ had a spherical main hull. The last ships of this class were taken out of service by the year 2196.</q><a>daedalus</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:Runabouts are small starships for personnel transport over longer distances than a shuttlecraft. The ++++++ Class runabouts are equipped with an interchangeable mission module and an optional photon torpedo module at the top of the spacecraft. The ships, which have been introduced in 2368, are usually named after rivers on the planet Earth.</q><a>danube</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:Unlike other Starfleet ships, the +++++++ class is primarily designed for military purposes. It was developed in order to fight the Borg. Besides conventional weapons the ship has pulse phaser cannons and quantum torpedo launchers. While further ships of this class have been built in the meantime, the +++++++ was probably the only one with a Romulan cloaking device and was still in experimental status at the time of its destruction.</q><a>defiant</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++++ ++-++++ was originally equipped with an experimental transwarp drive. A large number of Excelsior-class starships was built over a period of more than 60 years. +++++++++ ++-++++ class ships incorporate two shuttlebays in the engineering hull stern and keel.</q><a>excelsior nx-2000</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++ class is a newer starship design, incorporating an ellipsoid hull and one Galaxy-type warp nacelle.</q><a>freedom</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++ class is the result of an ambitious development program at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. It is the largest and most complex starship built to date. The ++++++ class is primarily designed to replace the aged Ambassador and Oberth classes in research missions. ++++++ class starships feature a detachable and independently operational saucer section, three shuttlebays and a captain's yacht at the bottom of the saucer.</q><a>galaxy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:First introduced around 2370, the ++++++++ class is among the fastest starships of the fleet. It features bioneural computer components and a variable geometry warp field which is accomplished with folding warp pylons.</q><a>Intrepid</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++ class is obviously a parallel development to the reconstructed Constitution class. The warp nacelles are attached to the saucer bottom, which is extended at the rear end to hold additional sensor arrays on the top and two shuttlebays. The original version has a photon torpedo tube mounted on a &quot;rollbar&quot;, whereas the rollbar was removed from the +++++++ II, a transport variant. The +++++++ III has additional phaser cannons at the port and starboard sides of the saucer. +++++++ class starships are still in use during the Dominion War.</q><a>miranda</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++ +++++++ class is a common design for smaller starships (frigates) in the mid-24th century, and is suited for combat. The ships have an elliptic saucer section, similar to the Galaxy class, however, considerably smaller.</q><a>new orleans</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:Few facts are available on the ++++++ class. The main hull resembles a flat-iron, the secondary hull consists of two wing-shaped warp pylons with a gap in between. Instead of phaser strips this class has a phaser cannon installed in the bow.</q><a>norway</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++ class is a small science ship with a crew complement of about 80. It also served as a ship for the curent USS Independence crew.</q><a>nova</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++ class is a very common science vessel design that is used by Starfleet as well as other Federation institutions. Although its first construction dates back at least as long as the Excelsior class, many ships of this class are still in service.</q><a>oberth</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++ class is a medical supply/hospital ship with a spherical main hull.</q><a>olympic</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++++ class is a small fighter with a crew of 1 or 2 and a size only slightly larger than a 20th century fighter aircraft. The design was used by the former Maquis and is in Starfleet service as of 2376.</q><a>peregrine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The ++++++++++ is the prototype of a multi-vector assault vessel, designed for deep space tactical assignments. In combat, the ship splits into three parts, namely the top and bottom halves of the engineering hull with two warp nacelles each, and the primary hull which is also equipped with two small warp engines. The single parts of the ship are heavily armed, furthermore the ship features regenerative shielding and ablative hull armor.</q><a>prometheus</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++ class is a small, but well armed starship type. Its warp nacelle tips are attached to the unconventional irregularly shaped primary hull. The secondary hull is comparatively voluminous and holds the navigational deflector.</q><a>saber</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++++ class is the longest known ship type of the fleet, however, it is smaller than the Galaxy or Ambassador class. In 2373, the +++++++++ class Enterprise-E is the most advanced ship of Starfleet. Its weapons include quantum torpedoes which are fired from a module at the bottom of the saucer hull and various other locations. The Sovereign class has a warp-capable captain's yacht too.</q><a>sovereign</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++ class looks similar as the Miranda class. The main difference is that the +++++'s hull is extended at the stern, and additional sensor pods are attached to the stern top and bottom and the port and starboard edge of the ship. Unlike the Miranda class the +++++ class has been decommissioned at the end of the 23rd century.</q><a>soyuz</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The +++++++++++ class is an unconventional design with warp nacelles directly attached to the saucer section. The navigational deflector is located in a separate housing between the back ends of the nacelles. The +++++++++++ is obviously heavily armed.</q><a>steamrunner</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:++++++ class starships are relatively large personnel transport vessels which employ similar bridge modules and the same warp nacelles as the Constitution and Miranda classes. These ships were introduced at the end of the 23rd century and are still in use by 2373.</q><a>Sydney</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Federation Ships:The </q><a> is of similar size as the Intrepid and employs the same saucer hull. However, it is probably not equipped with variable geometry warp nacelles.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:The ++++ ++ ++++, with its various sub-classes, is the Klingon Empire's most common light warship from the end of the 23rd century to the 2370's. The ship has one torpedo tube in the bow and two disruptor cannons at the wing tips. The wings are usually horizontal in flight mode, and swept down for attack.</q><a>bird of prey</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:The </q><a> is a Klingon ship type that was easily superior to Enterprise around 2150 and outdated around 2270. There is also a tanker variant, with additional deuterium pods and most likely limited combat readiness.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:The ++ class was in use by the Klingon Empire during the 2260's. The ships were supposedly a match to the Federation Constitution class in combat.</q><a>d7</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:This 22nd century ship design is horseshoe-shaped, unlike other Klingon ships.</q><a>goroth</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:This is a type of battlecruiser used by the Klingons from about 2270 to the Dominion War. There may be different versions with different locations of disruptor emitters and torpedo tubes.</q><a>k't'inga</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:The ++++'+++ is the Klingon flagship as 2372. It is unknown whether there are more ships of this class at this time, but several years later, there may be at least two variants of this class.</q><a>negh'var</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:This Klingon ship type, equipped with photon torpedoes but without escape pods, is in use around 2151.</q><a>raptor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:The +++'+++ is a powerful Klingon warship of the 24th century. It has one of the most powerfull forward sheild and is Cosmo Starbuck's favourite klingon warship ;)</q><a>Vor'cha</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Klingon Ships:The +++++ class is a small shuttlepod with a length of about 4 meters.</q><a>toron</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Romulan Ships:The +'+++++++, also called Warbird, class is a huge ship used by the Romulans in the 2360s and 2370s. The ship is twice as long as a Federation Galaxy class, with an advantage in fire power, but a lower maximum speed. The power source is an artificial quantum singularity.</q><a>d'deridex</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Romulan Ships:The +++++++ is a large Romulan ship type of the late 2370s.</q><a>valdore</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Reman Ships:The ++++++++ is a huge vessel built by the Reman rebels on a secret base. Apparently superior to any ship of either the Federation or the Romulans, the ++++++++ is capable of firing while cloaked. It is also equipped with a talaron emitter, a weapon that destroys any organic tissue.</q><a>scimitar</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Reman Ships:The Reman ++++++++ fighter is a small craft with two seats. It is equipped with a disruptor cannon.</q><a>scorpion</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Ferengi Ships:This is a small probe whose general purpose is unknown.</q><a>bok</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Ferengi Ships:The Ferengi Marauder is a combination of a freighter and a warship. As the latter, it is nearly a match to a Federation Galaxy class.It's ferengi name is +'++++</q><a>d'kora</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Ferengi Ships:Grand Nagus Zek's ship, mentioned in DS9: &quot;The Nagus&quot;</q><a>sepulo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Cardassian Ships:The +++++ class is the most powerful ship of the Cardassian military as of 2367, but clearly inferior to Federation Galaxy class.</q><a>galor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Cardassian Ships:The ++++++ is a small Cardassian warship with limited firepower. One variant is operated on its own as a patrol ship, another one in fleet operations as attack fighter.</q><a>hideki</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Cardassian Ships:The ++++++ class is based on the Galor class. The hull is extended with a large troop or cargo module on the top and two &quot;tail fins&quot; of unknown purpose.</q><a>keldon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Cardassian Ships:This is a warp-capable self-guided tactical missile for large-scale planetary attacks. It carries an explosive charge of 1000 kilograms matter and 1000 kilograms antimatter.</q><a>atr-4107</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Cardassian Ships:This large type of Cardassian space stations consists of a central core, a habitat ring, a docking ring, three upper and three lower docking pylons.</q><a>nor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Borg Ships:The +++++-+ ++++++++ ++++ is about the size of a cube (variant 2), but more heavily armed.</q><a>class-4 tactical cube</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Borg Ships:The ++++ ++++ first encountered in 2365 is a huge vessel with highly distributed systems. A ++++ ++++ has no specific markers that could allow to identify individual ships. The fire power of a ++++ ++++ is far superior to any Federation ship of the time.</q><a>borg cube</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Borg Ships:The coffin-shaped Borg ship is roughly the size of a Federation Intrepid class and a match in terms of fire power.</q><a>probe</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Borg Ships:This diamond-shaped vessel is used by the Borg Queen. It is significantly smaller than a standard cube and may be integrated into the Unicomplex.</q><a>queen's ship</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Borg Ships:++++++ variant 1 is considerably larger than variant 2, yet smaller than a cube. Variant 1 may serve as a long-range tactical vessel.</q><a>sphere</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Borg Ships:The +++++++++, the center of all Borg activities, is a vast spaceborne installation including the Central Nexus of the Queen.</q><a>unicomplex</a></Trivia>

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PostSubject: Re: Trivia : Star Trek (2 posts)   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:21 am

<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 116</q><a>Arturi's species</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 125</q><a>Borg Queen's species</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 180</q><a>Ferengi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 218</q><a>Talaxians</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 329</q><a>Kazon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 521</q><a>Shivolians</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 689</q><a>Norcadian</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 3259</q><a>Vulcans</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 4228</q><a>Hazari</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 5618</q><a>Humans</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 6291</q><a>Yridians</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the species:Species 6961</q><a>Ktarians</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did the Borg discover the Omega Molecule?</q><a>2145</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did the construction of Enterprise begin?</q><a>2149</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did the United Federation of Planets established?</q><a>2161</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did starfleet retire the last Daedalus-class starships?</q><a>2196</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:James Tiberius Kirk was borned....</q><a>2233</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Montgomery Scott was borned....</q><a>2222</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Leonard H. McCoy was borned....</q><a>2227</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Pavel A. Chekov was borned....</q><a>2245</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Tuvok was borned....</q><a>2264</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When was James T. Kirk promoted to admiral?</q><a>2269</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Kirk's dog, Butler, die? ;)</q><a>2286</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Kirk finally retire from Starfleet?</q><a>2293</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Tuvok resign from Starfleet?</q><a>2298</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Jean-Luc Picard was born....</q><a>2305</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Jean-Luc Picard graduate from Starfleet Academy?</q><a>2327</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Chakotay was born....</q><a>2329</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Beverly Howard, at the age of eight, fall in love with soccer player Stephan, aged eleven? ;)</q><a>2332</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Jean-Luc Picard take command of the U.S.S. Stargazer?</q><a>2333</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:William T. Riker was born....</q><a>2335</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Geordi La Forge was born....</q><a>2335</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Deanna Troi was born....</q><a>2336</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Beverly Howard color her hair brunette, but is displeased with it and changes it back very soon? ;)</q><a>2337</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Worf, Son of Mogh, was born</q><a>2340</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Jadzia was born....</q><a>2341</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When did Geordi La Forge take his first pet,a Circassian cat? ;)</q><a>2343</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Wesley Crusher was born(just bad luck i guess:)....?</q><a>2349</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:After an absence of fifty years, Tuvok returns to Starfleet in what year?</q><a>2349</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Benjamin Sisko was captain of the Starfleet Academy wrestling team in year....?</q><a>2351</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When was the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D commissioned?</q><a>2363</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:A couple of Ferengi try to break into Fort Knox in what year?</q><a>2365</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:When does The United Federation of Planets and the Cardassian Union sign a peace treaty?</q><a>2366</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Starfleet commissions the first runabout, a new type of small interstellar vessel in waht year?</q><a>2368</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Years:Name the year U.S.S. Voyager was prepared for launch at Utopia Planitia.</q><a>2371</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Hull armor employed for the most recent Starfleet vessels such as the Defiant class and the U.S.S. Prometheus. ++++++++ ++++++ is an additional reactive plating imposing a counterforce to incoming weapon fire, thereby dissipating its energy.</q><a>ablative armour</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Stellar cartography lab aboard a Federation starship, employed to chart regions of space and to determine the ship's position.</q><a>astrometrics</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:The +++++++ +++++++++ usually attached to the forward end of the warp nacelles serves to collect interstellar hydrogen atoms for fuel replenishment.</q><a>bussard collector</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:The +++++++++ ++++ is sequence of events in which cause and effect cannot be distinguished.</q><a>causality loop</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Krenim weapon that employs a temporal invariance of typically 1.47µs to penetrate shields.</q><a>chroniton torpedo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Measure for the subspace field stress. The unit is employed to measure the power of a warp drive as well as of other devices which employ a subspace field, such as the impulse drive and the FTL computer core.</q><a>cochrane</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Medical device used to seal small wounds or burns and restore the original skin structure.</q><a>dermal regenerator</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:+++++++++ is the only known element to be non-reactive to antimatter when subjected to a high frequency electromagnetic field in the megawatt range.</q><a>dilithium</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Artificial sphere built around a star in order to take advantage of its energy emissions.</q><a>dyson sphere</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term EPS.</q><a>electroplasma system</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Theoretical limit imposed on warp propulsion systems.</q><a>eugene's limit</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Realm of Species 8472, a parallel universe filled with a biological fluid.</q><a>fluidic space</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term FTL.</q><a>faster than light</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:A broad range of (subspace) communication frequencies which is used to contact alien ships, in order to ensure that the message is received.</q><a>hailing frequencies</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Concept of an additional spatial dimension, used to describe a folded 3-dimensional space.</q><a>hyperspace</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:General purpose engineering tool used in Starfleet.Come on McKnight you gotta know this one! ;)</q><a>hyperspanner</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term IDF!</q><a>inertial damping field</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Propulsion system for sublight speeds.</q><a>impulse drive</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Large portable energy beam weapon. Such a weapon was used by Picard's crew to defend the Ba'ku in 2375.</q><a>isomagnetic disintegrator</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Unit for the measurement of the explosive force of a photon torpedo or quantum torpedo.</q><a>isoton</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Service corridor in a Federation starship.</q><a>jefferies tube</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term LASER.</q><a>light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term LCARS.</q><a>library computer access and retrieval system</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Genetic mass destruction weapon prohibited by the Federation.</q><a>metagenic weapon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Shield capable of protecting a vessel from the intense radiation and high temperature inside the corona of a star.</q><a>metaphasic shield</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Mass destruction weapon used by the Haakonians that killed many of the inhabitants of the Talaxian moon Rinax, and left the survivors suffering from a deadly blood disease, metremia.</q><a>metreon cascade</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term ODN.</q><a>optical data network</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term PADD.</q><a>personal access display device</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Part of the transporter system, usually located on the deck below the transporter platform.</q><a>pattern buffer</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Generic term for a movement to a state outside the normal space-time continuum.</q><a>phase shift</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term PHASER.</q><a>phased energy rectification</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Ionized gas, often regarded as the forth state of matter besides the solid, fluid and gaseous state.</q><a>plasma</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Concept for power generation prohibited by the Federation in 2268, because of its high risk to burn a planet's entire surface in a chain reaction.</q><a>polaric power</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Realm of the Q entities.</q><a>q continuum</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term RCS.</q><a>reaction control system</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Disconnection of engineering hull and main hull (saucer) of a Galaxy-class starship.</q><a>saucer separation</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term.</q><a>structural integrity field</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Method of warp travel without shipboard warp drive.</q><a>solition wave</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Skeletal structure of a starship.</q><a>spaceframe</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:A domain outside the normal three-dimensional space, rather than another dimension.</q><a>subspace</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Generic term for technologies employed to convert a desert planet into an inhabitable Class-M world.</q><a>terraforming</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Vessel capable of traveling through time generating temporal rifts.</q><a>timeship</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Device used by Federation starships to hold and tow other vessels.</q><a>tractor beam</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:A future weapon technology that was prematurely used by U.S.S. Voyager to defeat the Borg in 2378.</q><a>transphasic torpedo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Explosive device used on the planet Eminiar VII and later adopted for Federation starships.</q><a>tricobalt torpedoes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Hand-held sensing, computing and communication device for use by Starfleet personnel.</q><a>tricorder</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Personal cleaning system in crew quarters aboard Federation starships ;)</q><a>ultrasonic shower</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Expand the term VISOR.</q><a>visual instrument and sensory organ replacement</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Toroid or split toroid element that generates a subspace field, when energized by a plasma stream.</q><a>warp coil</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Space-time anomaly that connects two points that may be far away from each other within normal space.</q><a>wormhole</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the Technology:Quantum fluctuation effect that is employed to enhance the explosion of Federation quantum torpedoes.</q><a>zero-point energy</a></Trivia>

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Trivia : Star Trek (2 posts)
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