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 Trivia : The Simpsons (2 posts)

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PostSubject: Trivia : The Simpsons (2 posts)   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:18 am


<Trivia><q>What is the name of the Ultimate Behemoth's satellite?</q><a>VanStar I</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Homer Simpson's brother?</q><a>Herb Powell</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What alias &quot;last name&quot; does Apu go under when he joins the Be-Sharpes?</q><a>De BeauMarche</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was kicked out of the Be-Sharpes and replaced by Barney?</q><a>Police Chief Clancy Wiggum</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Marge's art teacher?</q><a>Mr. Lombardo (John Lovitz)</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Fill in the blanks: SMILIN' _______ ______.</q><a>SMILIN' Joe Fission</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Dr. Vladimir Krabokov?</q><a>The Evil Dr. Crab of &quot;Radioactive Man&quot;</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Radioactive Man's sidekick?</q><a>Fallout Boy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>AKA Rainer Wolfcastle.</q><a>McBain</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Bart's big brother's name?</q><a>Tom</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who conned Springfield into buying a monorail?</q><a>Lyle Lanley</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who replaced Sideshow Bob?</q><a>Sideshow Mel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Gabbo's puppeteer?</q><a>Arthur Crandell</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the music teacher at Springfield Elementary?</q><a>Mr. Dewey Largo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the happiest day of Ralph's life?</q><a>When the Doctor said he didn't have worms anymore</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;Thanks for the fab picture Marge, I hung it on me wall.&quot; Who said it?</q><a>Ringo Star</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was Marge's bowling teacher?</q><a>Jaques</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;It's the soul mass transit system.&quot; Who said it?</q><a>Don Cornelius</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What insect stars on Channel Ocho?</q><a>Bumblebee Man</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Ned Flanders' wife?</q><a>Maude Flanders</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of Flanders' store?</q><a>The Leftorium</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Sole proprietor of &quot;I can't believe its a law firm&quot;.</q><a>Lionel Hutz</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the substitute teacher Lisa fell in love with?</q><a>Mr. Bergstrom (Dustin Hoffman)</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;Channel 5 ACTION news with your host ______ ______&quot;.</q><a>Kent Brockman</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Springfield's shrink.</q><a>Dr. Marvin Monroe</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The founder of Springfield was?</q><a>Jebidiah Springfield</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was Homer's secretary when he was promoted?</q><a>Karl</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What health centre did Marge vacation to?</q><a>Rancho Relaxo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Bart's baby-sitter and first love. (Sarah Gilbert).</q><a>Laura Powers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Burns' beloved bear.</q><a>Bobo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who co-owns a horse (with Krusty the Clown) named Kruddler?</q><a>Bette Midler</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>When Bart spray painted a picture of Skinner,what was his principal saying?</q><a>I am a Weiner</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where did the Simpsons find Santa's Little Helper?</q><a>Springfield Downs Dog Track</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Ralph's incompetent dad.</q><a>Police Chief Clancy Wiggum</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The female version of Homer.</q><a>Mindy Simmons</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was Milhouse's first girlfriend?</q><a>Samantha Stanky</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What vacation did the Simpsons go on just before Marge went to Rancho Relaxo?</q><a>Mystic Caverns</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>She was the country singing sensation that Homer managed.</q><a>Lurleen Lumpkin</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which Springfield resident was chosen to become an astronaut?</q><a>Barney Gumbel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>He is the Plow King.</q><a>Barney Gumbel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was Lisa's jazz-playing mentor?</q><a>Bleedin' Gums Murphy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Ned Flanders' job before he opened the Leftorium?</q><a>Pharmacist</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Grandma Bouvier's first name?</q><a>Jacqueline</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the head of Itchy and Scratchy?</q><a>Roger Meyers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Selma and Patty's favourite star.</q><a>MacGyver</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What restaurant chain attempts to steal and then buy Flaming Moes from Moe?</q><a>Tipsy McStagger's</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who played Happy Birthday for Mr. Burns?</q><a>The Ramones</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the principal when Homer and Marge were in High School?</q><a>Dondelinger</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Krusty's secretary?</q><a>Lois Pennycandy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does Barney become trapped in his Plow King truck?</q><a>Widow's Peak</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were Bart's first words?</q><a>Ay Carumba</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who are Itchy and Scratchy's European counterparts?</q><a>Worker & Parasite</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What instrument does Lisa play in the whacking day episode? (not the saxophone).</q><a>Bass Guitar</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the Cat Burglar's real name?</q><a>Malloy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Martin's IQ?</q><a>216</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who did Krusty steal the crank-call bit from?</q><a>Steve Allen</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What &quot;letter&quot; is the Cat Burglar's &quot;treasure&quot; buried under?</q><a>&quot;T&quot;</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the bunny called in Friar Wiggum's Fantastical Beastarium?</q><a>Esquilax</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who runs the country according to Smithers germs?</q><a>Free Masons</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Halloween Special V, who is the unquestioned ruler and master of the world?</q><a>Ned Flanders</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the one remaining (sane) ringer on the baseball team?</q><a>Daryl Strawberry</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What excuse does Homer use (on his insurance form) for buying Dimoxinil?</q><a>To keep brain from freezing</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the placebo cure for the Japanese flu?</q><a>Killer Bees</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does Bart get the name &quot;Woodrow&quot; from?</q><a>Woodrow Wilson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who ran over Snowball I?</q><a>Clovis Quimby</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Homer's note to himself say in Halloween Special IV?</q><a>Dear Homer, IOU one emergency donut</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Bart write on his butt in &quot;Bart VS. Australia&quot;?</q><a>Don't Tread On Me</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who does Springfield believe is trapped down a well?</q><a>Timmy O'Toole</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who narrates &quot;The Raven&quot; in Halloween Special I?</q><a>James Earl Jones</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Lisa's future occupation according to the CANT test?</q><a>Homemaker</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What instrument does Homer replace Lisa's saxophone with after it is stolen?</q><a>Jug</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is in the car with the Japanese restaurant owner?</q><a>Mrs. Krabappel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who narrated &quot;The Good Book&quot; on tape?</q><a>Larry King</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What song does Mr. Burns make a parody of as he is showing off his animal skin clothes (Two dozen and One Greyhounds)?</q><a>&quot;Be Our Guest&quot; from Beauty & The Beast</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What singer does Mr. Burns force to perform for Marge?</q><a>Tom Jones</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does Otto immediately move to upon losing his job?</q><a>A Trash-Co. Waste Disposal Unit</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Why must Santa's Little Helper get an operation?</q><a>He has a twisted stomach</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What award does Homer receive in &quot;Bother Can You Spare Two Dimes?&quot;</q><a>The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the code name of Adil, the foreign exchange student from Albania?</q><a>Sparrow</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What do Patty + Selma say you can't spell without I.O.U.?</q><a>Obsequious</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Burns' oldest dog's name?</q><a>Crippler</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What holds up the volunteer fire department as they are trying to rescue Homer?</q><a>Ducks crossing the street</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who does Bart have to sit beside on the filed trip to SNPP?</q><a>Wendel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Apu's last name?</q><a>Nahasapeemapetilon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Barney's short film called (A Star is Burns)?</q><a>Puke-A-Hantas</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How much did the Simpsons pay to get illegally hooked up to cable?</q><a>$50</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Mr. Burns and Bart's blood type?</q><a>Double O Negative</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What game can't Lisa play because she is too sad?</q><a>Dodgeball</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How do the German owners of SNPP describe their country to Homer? (Burns Verkaft Das Kraftverk)</q><a>The land of chocolate</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>He is the godfather of the Springfield mafia.</q><a>Don Vittorio</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of Lisa's pony?</q><a>Princess</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What year was Mr. Burns introduced to atom smashing?</q><a>1909</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What book does Dr. Wolfe, the dentist, show Ralph?</q><a>The Big Book Of British Smiles</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What song does Hugh Hefner play on Krusty's comeback special?</q><a>Peter and the Wolf</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to Lenny and Homer, what is the bear driving around in the little car called?</q><a>Ballet</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to Mindy Simmons, what is Capitol City's nickname?</q><a>The Windy Apple</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What movie did Dr. Hibbert want to see during the Film Festival?</q><a>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How long does Aunt Selma have to live before she blows up?</q><a>One hour</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who's on the other line when you call 1-600-DOCTORB?</q><a>Dr. Nick Riviera</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How did Dr. Nick get his operating gloves?</q><a>They came free with his toilet brush</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What are the names of Lisa's and Bart's hockey teams?</q><a>Mighty Pigs and the Kwik-E-Mart Gougers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the exchange student from Germany?</q><a>Uter</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the chant of the hiding nerds?</q><a>Excelsior!</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>He is the president of Laramie cigarettes.</q><a>Jack Larson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Kodos?</q><a>An alien</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What are Springfield's two theatres called?</q><a>The Aztec and the Googolplex</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which movie did Skinner take Patty to see?</q><a>Space Mutants V: The Land Down Under</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was on the wooden raft in Bart's daydream about skipping school?</q><a>Abraham Lincoln and Huck Finn</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What racing number is Santa's Little Helpers girlfriend?</q><a>Number 8</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who does Mr. Burns credit his long life to?</q><a>Satan</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name three of the seven Duffs.</q><a>Surly, Remorseful, Tipsy, or Queasy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What gas station does Homer go to about the strange thumping noise he hears?</q><a>Gasso</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>He swept the Princi Awards. Who is he and what school is he from?</q><a>Principal Valiant from Shelbyville Elementary</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the &quot;forbidden song&quot;?</q><a>Pop Goes The Weasel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which three cities did Lyle Lanley sell monorails to before Springfield?</q><a>Ogdenville, Brockway, and North Haverbrook</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Lisa steal from all the teachers at Springfield Elementary?</q><a>The teacher's edition textbooks</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the motorcycle daredevil?</q><a>Capt. Lance Murdock</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is McBain's nemesis?</q><a>Mendoza</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Marge's date for the prom?</q><a>Artie Ziff</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the belly dancer Homer is caught with?</q><a>Princess (Shauna) Kasimir</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Capitol City's mascot?</q><a>Goofball</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the guest star at the Springfield auto show?</q><a>Adam West</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does Milhouse's dad work?</q><a>The Cracker Factory</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What public television show does Troy McClure urge people to sponsor?</q><a>Edward the Penitent</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;Hi, I'm ___ (What the hell am I doing in Springfield) _____.&quot;</q><a>Bob Hope</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What video game do Homer and Bart play?</q><a>Video Boxing</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What drink is unique to the Kwik-E-Mart?</q><a>Squishee</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does the head of the Kwik-E-Mart reside?</q><a>India</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who takes a job at the Kwik-E-Mart to prepare for a movie role?</q><a>James Woods</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name one of the bilboard ads Homer stops to read on the first of the month. (Homie the Clown)</q><a>This year give her English Muffins, Best in the West BBQ sauce, Clown school</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the Springfield equivalent to Barbie?</q><a>Malibu Stacey</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of Lisa's &quot;politically correct&quot; doll?</q><a>Lisa Lionheart</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What danger does Homer see in going into space?</q><a>The Planet of the Apes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who opens up Springfield's casino?</q><a>Mr. Burns</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Homer call the monster which has enslaved Marge?</q><a>Gamblor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Lisa's valentine to Ralph say?</q><a>Let's Bee Friends</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the first cartoon Scratchy was in?</q><a>That Happy Cat</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who poses as Krusty the Clown in the Kamp Krusty episode?</q><a>Barney</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What drink does Bart make for the mobsters?</q><a>A Manhattan</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the first person to make a wish on the monkey's paw?</q><a>Maggie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to the Duff Brewery Tour guide, what had a batch of Duff beer been contaminated with? (Duffless)</q><a>Strychnine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What alias &quot;last name&quot; do the Simpsons go under to avoid Sideshow Bob?</q><a>The Thompsons</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What score does Sideshow Bob sing to Bart before he is going to kill him?</q><a>The HMS Pinafore</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What name is spray painted all over Springfield?</q><a>El Barto</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does Homer meet &quot;Michael Jackson&quot;?</q><a>In an asylum</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Why is Homer declared insane?</q><a>Because he wore a pink shirt</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Lisa + Maggie's favourite cartoon characters.</q><a>The Happy Little Elves</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Krusty's father?</q><a>Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How old is Hans Moleman?</q><a>31</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;Oh no, Beta.&quot; Who said it?</q><a>Snake</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Herman sell?</q><a>Military antiques and surplus</a></Trivia>

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PostSubject: Re: Trivia : The Simpsons (2 posts)   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:18 am

<Trivia><q>What are the names of the Flanders' children?</q><a>Rod & Todd</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Patty + Selma's pet.</q><a>Jub jub</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who are the twins in Bart's class?</q><a>Sherri & Terri</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which soda is Bart asked to test in his fantasy? (Hint- &quot;pleasing taste, some monsterism&quot;)</q><a>Nature's Goodness</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the three-eyed fish?</q><a>Blinky</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who does Bart play in the President's Day play?</q><a>John Wilkes Booth</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What festival did &quot;Do What You Feel&quot; day replace?</q><a>Do as we say</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;Troy, this circle is you.&quot; Who said it?</q><a>Brad Goodman</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Bart get tattooed on his arm?</q><a>Moth</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Skinner's superior?</q><a>Superintendent Chalmers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who replaced Skinner as principal?</q><a>Ned Flanders</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the lunch lady at Springfield Elementary?</q><a>Lunchlady Doris</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Bart paid for giving blood?</q><a>$12 and a cookie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Mrs. Krabappel's first name?</q><a>Edna</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What are the call letters of Springfield's radio station?</q><a>KBBL</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Bart name his elephant?</q><a>Stampy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where does Homer put his first stop sign?</q><a>Gee St. and Guelph</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What scent does Lisa's braces release every so often?</q><a>Obsession for Teeth</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who has a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg?</q><a>Mr. McCraig</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What factory does Bart's class visit in Bart Gets Famous?</q><a>Box factory</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What T.V. show about a bad cop does Homer like to watch?</q><a>McGarnacle</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the director of &quot;A Streetcar named Desire&quot;?</q><a>LLewellyn Sinclair</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What actor filled in as a big brother on the Junior camper river-rafting trip?</q><a>Ernest Borgnine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many burgers does Homer order from the Krusty Burger on an off-shore oil rig?</q><a>700</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the real name of the baby-sitter bandit?</q><a>Lucille Botzcowski</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the episode number of &quot;Bart gets hit by a car&quot;? (shown at the beginning of the episode).</q><a>23</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the first dead man to help Bart and Lisa unravel Sideshow Bob's electoral fraud?</q><a>Edgar Neubauer</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Bart's dream about the U.S. founding fathers, who is writing his name in the snow?</q><a>John Hancock</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the Dean's name in the show &quot;School of Hard Knockers&quot;?</q><a>Dean Bitterman</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which board game do Rod and Todd Flanders like to play?</q><a>Good Samaritan</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which course did Homer fail in high school?</q><a>Remedial Science 1A</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Bleedin' Gums Murphy's younger brother?</q><a>Dr. Hibbert</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many feet around KJAZZ (Springfields jazz radio station) are occupied by its radio signals?</q><a>23 feet</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What beloved object does Homer sell to get counselling for his family? (There's No Disgrace Like Home).</q><a>Their TV</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who introduces Bart to Herman?</q><a>Grampa Simpson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What do the Simpsons buy to keep up with the Flanders?</q><a>An R.V.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>From which country did the midget who played Lisa come form? (Burns' Heir).</q><a>Estonia</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does the &quot;complaints&quot; lady at Duff Gardens have to say?</q><a>Get Bent</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How does Mr. Burns describe his fortune?</q><a>Vast</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many women have said &quot;no&quot; to Mr. Burns?</q><a>130</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What mineral did Jimmy think he could live without?</q><a>Zinc</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Homer's shirt say under his Gulp N' Blow uniform?</q><a>I Shot J.R.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What brand of Bourbon is Marge caught stealing at the Kwik-E-Mart?</q><a>Kernel Kwik-E-Mart's</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the home pregnancy test Marge uses to see if she is going to have a fourth child?</q><a>Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Homer's college professor said: &quot;Out with the old, ___ ____ ___ _______&quot;.</q><a>In with the nucleus</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to the Goofball, who is a mascot's best friend?</q><a>Henry Mancini</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What esteemed position does Bart receive for bringing justice to the school?</q><a>Hall Monitor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What street do the Simpsons live on?</q><a>Evergreen Terrace</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What movie features McBain as a comedian?</q><a>Let's get funny</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In which state was Homer born?</q><a>North Carolina</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who puts the &quot;fun&quot; back in fundamentalist dogma?</q><a>Springfield Christian School</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What imitation drink did Bart discover he was having at lunchtime?</q><a>malk</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Stuart?</q><a>Duck who works at SNPP</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which SE student has been killed and brutally beaten?</q><a>Uter</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Fill in The Blanks: More _____ means more iron</q><a>t**ti**e</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which Magazine does Marge consult about parenting?</q><a>Fretful Mother</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Martin's Favourite video game?</q><a>My Diner With Andre</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What type of drink does Skinner offer Bart in 1F18?</q><a>Diet, Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name two of the nuclear plant workers who had to watch the bee?</q><a>Homer and Bernie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to Moe, where is Herman's counterfeit jean operation being held?</q><a>Homer's Car hole</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What illness did Bart fake to avoid taking his History test?</q><a>Amonia Phlebitis</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the first thing Ned thought would influence Tod's bad language?</q><a>Bumper Stickers</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Birchibald T. Barlows book called?</q><a>Only Turkeys have left wings</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is Krusty's monkey?</q><a>Mr. Teeny</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What prescription drug is Krusty addicted to?</q><a>Percadine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who is the Frenchman's donkey?</q><a>Maurice</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was BGM's $1500 a day habit?</q><a>Faberge eggs</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What prompts Marge to talk about old romances?</q><a>A Novel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Mike Scosia diagnosed with?</q><a>Accute Radiation poisoning</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Ned's brush with the law?</q><a>Mistaken for Ed Flanders</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Moe selling at the flea market?</q><a>Lucille Ball Oysters</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was one of Homers lifelong/boyhood dreams?</q><a>Work in a bowling alley</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which music group played at the halftime show of the super bowl?</q><a>Hooray for Everything</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Springfields equivalent to Hard Copy?</q><a>Rock Bottom</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What vegetable did Shelbyvile drink to celebrate their victory over Springfield?</q><a>Turnip Juice</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What stonecutter number is assigned to Homer?</q><a>908</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to Homer, what is a feline?</q><a>An Elephant</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Fill in the blanks (Nelson) &quot;Hey Bart, your ______ is showing.&quot; From 1F22.</q><a>Epidermis</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many bathing suits was Martin wearing in 1F22?</q><a>17</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What present does Herb give Bart in 8F23?</q><a>NRA Membership</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What statue does Mr. Burns give to the Simpson Family?</q><a>3000-year-old carved head of Xtapolapocetl</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What chemical agent does Bart use to write his name in the field?</q><a>Sodium Tetrasulfate</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many Academy Awards did the Itchy and Scratchy Movie win?</q><a>9</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Homer's little brothers name?</q><a>Pepi</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the Itchy and Scratchy episode Bart and Lisa Write?</q><a>Barbershop of Horrors</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who directed A Streetcar Named Desire?</q><a>Llywellen Sinclair</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does the crew of &quot;Radioactive Man&quot; do when they want horses?</q><a>Tape a bunch of cats together</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who speaks in palindromes? (7G02)</q><a>Ethan foley</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In 8F12 (Lisa The Greek), why does Lisa favour the L.A. Raiders?</q><a>Because they cheat</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which version of Bible Bombardment do Bart, Lisa and Maggie play with the Flanders in 3F01?</q><a>The Vulgate of St. Jerome</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What attribute did Ralph give to Jesus?</q><a>He had wheels</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Before he was a safety inspector, what was Homer's job at SNPP?</q><a>Technical Supervisor</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who wrote the hymn &quot;In The Garden of Eden?</q><a>I. Ron Butterfly</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>According to Willy, who created colored chalk?</q><a>Lucifer</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What street does Milhouse's grandmother live on?</q><a>257th Street</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What extra month did SE accidentally print on its calendars?</q><a>Smarch</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the car Homer designs for Powell Motors?</q><a>The Homer</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Johnny Calhoun's spoken word album that ruined his career?</q><a>These/This Things I Believe</a></Trivia>


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