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 Trivia : Movies

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PostSubject: Trivia : Movies   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:16 am


<Trivia><q>In the first Scream, what was Stu's motive for the killings?</q><a>Peer Pressure</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How fast did the bus in the movie Speed need to go in order not to blow up?</q><a>below 50mph</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What event was the interview of the Natural Born Killer, Mickey, to be held during?</q><a>The Superbowl</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who ordered the Code Red in &quot;A Few Good Men&quot;?</q><a>Colonel Nathan P. Jessup</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the print left on the car in the boat in the movie Titanic?</q><a>A handprint</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>what does michelle remeber the formula for in Romy and Michelle's High School Renuion?</q><a>post-it glue</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who did Sidney say would play her in Sream 2?</q><a>Tori Spelling</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who's head did Courtney Cox say was on her body in Scream 2?</q><a>Jennifer Aniston</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Milla Jovovich's character in the Fifth Element?</q><a>Lelu</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Jumanji, a stampede is released. What is the slowest animal?</q><a>Rhinoceros</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the sponsor for the tv show Wayne's World?</q><a>Noah's Arcade</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How old was deputy Dewey in the first scream?</q><a>25</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who did Leonardo DiCaprio play in the movie Titanic?</q><a>Jack Dawson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the latin bombshell that played Selena in the Selena bio-pic?</q><a>Jennifer Lopes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Adam Sandler's occupation in Big Daddy?</q><a>A tollbooth worker</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Matt Dillon's band in Singles?</q><a>Citizen d**k</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie Office Space, what item did Peter pull from the rubble?</q><a>A red stapler</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Independence Day, What does Will Smith yell as he blasts off in the space ship?</q><a>I gotta get me one of these</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who played Julie's best friend in I still know what you did last summer?</q><a>Brandy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What movie were the passengers on the plane in Executive Desicion watching?</q><a>Born to be Wild</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who pulls Wayne over in Wayne's World?</q><a>Robert Patrick</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the original killer in Friday the 13th?</q><a>Jason's mother</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie Next Friday what is the name of the vicious dog?</q><a>Chico</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the 1995 movie, To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, what were the names of the characters portrayed by Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes and John Leguizamo?</q><a>Vida Boeheme, Noxema Jackson, and Chi Chi Rodriguez</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the film, Jerry McGuire, what was the name of Jerry's stepson?</q><a>Ray</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Matilda what was the name of Matilda's teacher?</q><a>Jennifer Honey</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was in Catherine's crucifix in the movie Cruel Intentions?</q><a>Cocaine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What major law was violated in the movie Smokey and the Bandit?</q><a>Smuggling beer</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was Rizzo's real name in Grease?</q><a>Betty</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Which relative of John Travolta's made a cameo appearance in Saturday Night Fever?</q><a>his mother</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Blazing Saddles, what is the last name of everybody in the town of Rock Ridge?</q><a>Johnson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Holloween, Michael Meyers wore a Halloween mask of what famous character?</q><a>Captain Kirk mask</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the two movies that Michael Crichton made (before Jurrasic Park )about a theme park out of control.</q><a>&quot;West World&quot; and &quot;Future World&quot;</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the star of the post appocolyptic sci-fi film A boy and his Dog?</q><a>Don Johnson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Soylent Green, what was the last resort used for riot control?</q><a>scoups</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of the monster that attacked Luke in the trash compactor in Star Wars?</q><a>A dianogaIn</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Texas Chainsaw Massacre, there was a guy in a wheelchair. What was his name?</q><a>Franklin</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What other relative of Travolta's made a cameo in Saturday Night Fever</q><a>His sister</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Halloween, what is Michael Myers' middle name?</q><a>Audrey</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Animal House, what was Bluto's grade point average?</q><a>0.0</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What special talent did Molly Ringwald have in The Breakfast Club?</q><a>She could apply lipstick with her breasts</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the very first James Bond movie that was shown in the 80's?What was the last?</q><a>For Your Eyes Only and Licence To Kill</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Name the actress who played the pretty blond girl Elliot danced with in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial?</q><a>Erika Eleniak</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many Nightmare On Elm Street movies were made in the 80's?</q><a>5</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Empire Strikes Back, what was chewing on the power cables of the Millenium Falcon while Han Solo and company were hiding inside the asteroid cave?</q><a>Mynocks</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the license number on the Ghostbusters' car?</q><a>ECTO-1</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In 'Back To The Future', where did Doc Brown get the plutonium to power the time-travelling DeLorean?</q><a>Lybian terrorists</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>'Empire Strikes Back' when the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi said that Luke was their last hope against the Empire, who was Yoda refering to when he said: &quot;No, there is another&quot;?</q><a>Princess Leia</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What god were the Thugees worshipping in &quot;Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom&quot;?</q><a>Kali</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie Porkey's, why did they call Meat Tuperello 'Meat'?</q><a>Because of the size of his p*n*s</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>'In the movie 'Aliens', what was Newt's real name?</q><a>Rebecca Jorden</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Ally Sheedy use to decorate her picture in the Breakfast Club?</q><a>Dandruf</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In 'Dirty Dancing' what was Baby's real name?</q><a>Frances</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were Mouth and Chunk's real names in &quot;The Goonies&quot;?</q><a>Clark and Lawrence</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the Breakfast Club, What did Brian try to kill himself with?</q><a>A flare gun</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What future famous actors played Spicolli's sidekicks in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?</q><a>Eric Stolz and Anthony Edwards</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the Freelings' dog in &quot;Poltergeist&quot;?</q><a>Ebuzz</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of Sarah's brother that she is trying to save in &quot;The Labyrinth&quot;?</q><a>Toby</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How does Alice kill Freddy Krueger in &quot;Nightmare on Elm Street 4&quot;?</q><a>with a mirror</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;Innerspace&quot;, what did the license plate on Igoe's BMW say?</q><a>SNAPON</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;The Blues Brothers&quot;, what does SCMODS stand for?</q><a>State County Municipal Offender Data Systems</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the 1984 movie &quot;Splash&quot;, the pretty blonde mermaid chooses which street name to be her own?</q><a>Madison</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who provided the voice for the independent Eilonwy in Disney's often criticized 1985 movie &quot;The Black Cauldron&quot;?</q><a>Susan Sheridan</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What two '80's dance movies did Cynthia Rhodes have a major role in?</q><a>Dirty Dancing and Flashdance</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of Marty's band that trys out for the dance in Back To The Future</q><a>The Pinheads</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Where did Ronald and Cindy go on there last date together in the movie &quot;Can't Buy Me Love&quot;?</q><a>Airplane junkyard</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the airline that operates the ill-fated flight from LA to Chicago in the movie Airplane!?</q><a>Trans American</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;Better Off Dead&quot;, what was the name of Lane's younger brother?</q><a>Badger</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What singer who had his one and only hit song in 1991 play a high school jock named Ricky in the 1987 movie &quot;Can't Buy Me Love&quot;?</q><a>Gerardo Mejia</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How many gigawatts of electricity did Doc Brown need to generate to power the delorion in back to the future?</q><a>1.21 gigawatts!!</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What were the Ghostbusters' names?</q><a>Peter Venkman,Egon Spengler,Ray Stantz ,Winston Zedmore</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the make and model of the villian in &quot;The Terminator&quot; 1984?</q><a>T-800 Cyberdyne Systems Model 101</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the &quot;keymaster&quot; in Ghostbusters?</q><a>Rick Moranis</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was the &quot;gatekeeper&quot; in Ghostbusters?</q><a>Sigorney Weaver</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What don't Gary and Wyatt do when they take a shower with Lisa in &quot;Weird Science?&quot;</q><a>Take off their pants</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who was told they &quot;better think&quot; in the Blues Brothers?</q><a>Guitar Murphy</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the title of Kevin's byline story in St. Elmos Fire?</q><a>The Meaning Of Life</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;The Goonies&quot; what brand of candybar did Chunk try to give to Sloth?</q><a>Baby Ruth</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The main street in Back to the Future is also the main street in what other 80's movie?</q><a>Gremlins</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Grease Two what does stephanie want in a boyfriend?</q><a>A cool rider</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What brand and color of underwear is Marty wearing in Back to the Future?</q><a>Purple Calvin Klein briefs</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;The Karate Kid&quot; what color did Daniel have to paint Miagi's house, as part of his training</q><a>Green</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In National Lampoon's Vacation, what did the Griswalds call their ugly green station wagon?</q><a>The Family Truckster</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In which California city does Poltergeist take place?</q><a>Cuesta Verde</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What did Fletch's initials (I. M.) stand for?</q><a>Irwin Maurice</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;Ferris Beuller's Day Off,&quot; who plays the burnout at the police station that Jeanie kisses?</q><a>Charlie Sheen</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;Running Scared,&quot; how much money does Billy Crystal's character inherit from his dead aunt Rose?</q><a>50,000</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;The Golden Child,&quot; what object does the Child animate to amuse his captor?</q><a>A Coke can</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does Ally Sheedy say she likes to drink in the Breakfast Club?</q><a>Vodka</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;Spaceballs&quot; what does the bumper sticker say on the back of Lonestar's ship?</q><a>I love Uranus</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the robots name in the movies &quot;Short Circuit 1 and 2?&quot;</q><a>Johnny</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is Indiana Jones main weapon?</q><a>His whip</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How high could the Klopek's furnace go in The 'burbs?</q><a>5000 degrees</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the occupation of Tom Hanks' character in Bachelor Party?</q><a>School Bus Driver</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Beverly Hills Cop, how does Axel Foley escape the police car that is sent to follow him?</q><a>a banana in the tailpipe</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What kind of car does Nick Nolte's character in 48 hours?</q><a>A sky blue Cadillac convertible</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;One Crazy Summer&quot; what was the movie that was being made on the island called?</q><a>Foam 2</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What happens to Wanda in &quot;A Fish Called Wanda&quot;?</q><a>Wanda is eaten</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Ferris Bueller's Day Off, what is the Principal's name?</q><a>Mr. Ed Rooney</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the Breakfast Club, Bender tells a joke without a punchline. What was the naked blonde carrying under her arms?</q><a>A two foot salami and a poodle</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What does the lady in the cafe order after Sally finishes proving to Harry that he can't tell the difference between a real and a faked orgasm in &quot;When Harry Met Sally&quot;?</q><a>I'll have what she's having</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In Ferris Buellers Day Off, who is Cameron going to marry?</q><a>The first girl he lays</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In &quot;St. Elmo's Fire,&quot; What city does Billy go to at the end???</q><a>New York</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the name of the evil spirit in Polterguise?</q><a>Kane</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What famous director makes a cameo appearance in the Blues Brothers?</q><a>Steven Spielberg</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>How did Indiana previously know Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark?</q><a>He studied with her Father</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>Who played the best friend of Sarah Jessica Parker in &quot;Girls Just Wanna Have Fun&quot;?</q><a>Helen Hunt</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What fraternity do the Lewis and Gilbert join in Revenge of the Nerds?</q><a>Lambda Lambda Lambda</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>By what Alias does Ferris Bueller get into Chez Luis?</q><a>Abe Frohman</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;Sixteen Candles,&quot; what was Sam's grandparents exchange students name?</q><a>Long Duck Dong</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the 1983 movie &quot;National Lampoon's Vacation,&quot; where were the Griswolds headed on their cross country trip?</q><a>WalleyWorld</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;Stand By Me&quot;, what did Gordy, Chris, Vern and Teddy set out to find?</q><a>A Body</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;Tootsie&quot; what was the name of the woman who was played by cross-dressing Dustin Hoffmann?</q><a>Dorthy Michaels</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the line in Labrynith that Sarah can never remember?</q><a>You have no power over me</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>In the movie &quot;Rainman&quot;, what was the only airline that Raymond said had never crashed?</q><a>Quantas</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What is the real name of the actor who plays the voice of the spaceship in Flight Of The Navigator?</q><a>Paul Reubens</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What was the name of Judge Smales grandson in the movie 'Caddyshack'?</q><a>SpauldingIn</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>&quot;Beverly Hills Cop&quot;, when Axel Foley enters the hotel, he uses an alias. Who does he say he works for, and who does he say he's going to interview?</q><a>Rolling Stone,Michael Jackson</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>What Cheers actor was in &quot;The Empire Strikes Back?&quot;</q><a>John Ratzenberg</a></Trivia>


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Trivia : Movies
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