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 Trivia : The Beatles

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PostSubject: Trivia : The Beatles   Sat Aug 04, 2007 8:13 am

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<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who is the Youngest Beatle?</q><a>George Harrison</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who is the oldest Beatle?</q><a>Ringo Starr</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Where is Abbey Road?</q><a>London</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: who thought up the name &quot;Beatles&quot;?</q><a>Stu Sutcliffe</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Where is Blue Jay Way?</q><a>Los Angeles</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: In &quot;Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da&quot;, what kind of ring did Desmond gave to Molly?</q><a>20 carats</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who came up with the title for &quot;A Hard Day's Night&quot;?</q><a>Ringo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Paul wrote the song &quot;Hey Jude&quot; for:</q><a>Julian Lennon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was John's father's name?</q><a>Alfred &quot;Freddie&quot; Lennon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who recorded the Lennon/McCartney song &quot;World Without Love&quot;?</q><a>Peter and Gordon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beatle wife did Eric Clapton fall in love with, and write the song &quot;Layla&quot; for?</q><a>Patti Boyd Harrison</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who keeps a ten bob note up his nose?</q><a>Mean Mr. Mustard</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Where was the first US live Beatles Concert?</q><a>Washington D.C.</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: In which Beatles song does the singer feel 2 foot small?</q><a>You've Got To Hide Your Love Away</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What is Paul's middle name?</q><a>Paul</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who was barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road?</q><a>Paul</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Besides playing with the Beatles, what was Stu's real artistic ambition?</q><a>painter</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: John's first published book was called:</q><a>In His Own Write</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was the on flip side of the 45 of &quot;She Loves You&quot;?</q><a>I'll Get You</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What color was Lucy's sky?</q><a>Marmalade</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who played the electric piano on &quot;Get Back&quot;?</q><a>Billy Preston</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beatles album was not produced by George Martin?</q><a>Let it Be</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What song did Lennon and McCartney give to the Rolling Stones in 1963?</q><a>I Wanna Be Your Man</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What record label issued the first Beatles LP in the US?</q><a>VeeJay Records</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beatles song was inspired by a picture drawn by Julian Lennon?</q><a>Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who originally recorded the Beatles' cover song, &quot;Chains&quot;?</q><a>The Cookies</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beatle was against hiring Allan Klein as business manager in 1969?</q><a>Paul</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beach Boy accompanied the Beatles to visit the Maharishi?</q><a>Mike Love</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who filled in for Ringo on the Beatles' 1964 world tour?</q><a>Jimmy Nicol</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What did Rocky Racoon find in his room?</q><a>Gideon's Bible</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Where was &quot;Can't Buy Me Love&quot; recorded?</q><a>Paris, France</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who was Ringo's first wife?</q><a>Maureen Cox</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: How many pictures of each Beatle are on the cover of &quot;A Hard Day's Night&quot;?</q><a>five</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which girls make the Beatles scream and shout?</q><a>Moscow girls</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: In &quot;Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds&quot;, what were the colors of the Celophane Flowers?</q><a>yellow and green</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who helped them to get married in &quot;The Ballad of John and Yoko&quot;?</q><a>Peter Brown</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: &quot;Till There Was You&quot; was originally from which Broadway musical?</q><a>The Music Man</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was the original working title of the movie &quot;Help&quot;?</q><a>Eight Arms To Hold You</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which album is &quot;Only A Nothern Song&quot; on?</q><a>Yellow Submarine</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was the first George Harrison composition recorded by the Beatles?</q><a>Don't Bother Me</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was Brian's brother's name?</q><a>Clive</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: How many clubs a day did the girl who came in through the bathroom window work at?</q><a>15</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What day of the week is mentioned in &quot;I Am The Walrus&quot;?</q><a>Tuesday</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: On their first visit to the US, at which hotel in New York City did the Beatles stay?</q><a>The Plaza Hotel</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who was best man at John and Cynthia's wedding?</q><a>Brian</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: The Beatles first major recording audition was at what label?</q><a>Decca</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: In &quot;Penny Lane&quot;, what did the Fireman keep in his pocket?</q><a>A portrait of the Queen</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was the first place the Beatles worked in Hamburg?</q><a>The Indra Club</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who recorded Paul's song &quot;Goodbye&quot;?</q><a>Mary Hopkin</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Where did the Beatles stay on their first trip to Hamburg?</q><a>A Movie Theatre</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What group was Ringo with before the Beatles?</q><a>Rory Storm and the Hurricanes</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who was the only non-Beatle ever credited on a Beatles record?</q><a>Billy Preston</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: How many holes does it take to fill the Albert Hall?</q><a>4,000</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beatles song was written by American Country singer Buck Owens?</q><a>Act Naturally</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was the working title of &quot;With A Little Help From My Friends&quot;?</q><a>Bad Finger Boogie</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who directed the film &quot;Let It Be&quot;?</q><a>Michael Lindsay-Hogg</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: In which area of London are the Abbey Road studios located?</q><a>St. John's Wood</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who is Dr. Winston O'Boogie?</q><a>John Lennon</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What is the longest Beatles song on record?</q><a>I Want You (She's So Heavy)</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who wore the pink uniform on the cover of Sgt. Pepper's?</q><a>Ringo</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was George's first composition on the A Side of a Beatles single?</q><a>Something</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: According to the song &quot;Glass Onion&quot;, who was the Walrus?</q><a>Paul</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: On the song &quot;Dear Prudence&quot;, who's Prudence?</q><a>Mia Farrow's sister</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Paul wrote &quot;Martha My Dear&quot;. Who did he know who was named Martha?</q><a>His Dog</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What Beatles song won a Grammy as the Best Song of 1966?</q><a>Michelle</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who introduced Paul to John?</q><a>Ivan Vaughn</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What country did the Beatles flee after &quot;snubbing&quot; their first lady?</q><a>The Phillipines</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: In &quot;I Am The Walrus&quot;, who were they kicking?</q><a>Edgar Allen Poe</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who has &quot;hair of floating sky&quot;?</q><a>Julia</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who plays the uncredited lead guitar on &quot;While My Guitar Gently Weeps&quot;?</q><a>Eric Clapton</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which Beatles movie won the Oscar for Best Original Score?</q><a>Let It Be</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What was the first single released on the Apple label?</q><a>&quot;Hey Jude&quot;/&quot;Revolution&quot;</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Which song is credited to Harrison-Lennon?</q><a>Cry For A Shadow</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: Who was the recording engineer on Sgt. Pepper's?</q><a>Geoff Emerick</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What is Paul's real birth name?</q><a>James Paul McCartney</a></Trivia>
<Trivia><q>The Beatles: What were the Beatles billed as when they recorded with Tony Sheridan?</q><a>The Beat Brothers</a></Trivia>

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Trivia : The Beatles
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