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 Essential Maintenance

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PostSubject: Essential Maintenance   Mon Jul 30, 2007 1:24 pm

Every Day

Your AntiVirus Protects You
Some AntiVirus programs will scan your Hard Drive on a daily basis automaticly or manualy
    1. Double click or Right click the Tray Icon of your AntiVirus Program
    2. Sellect either quick scan or deep scan
    3. Click Scan Now and let the program run
    4. It is advisable not to use programs while the AntiVirus is scanning
    5. If a Virus is spotted, it may have options like delete or move to a virus vault/chest/safebox
    6. when scan is finished, you can resume normal work on the PC

Clearing Your Cookies
When you surf the net, every web site and web page you visit stores cookies on your pc, it is best to clear them, as this allows you to surf faster, the more cookies & temporary files in your temp folder, the slower pages will load.
    1. click Start button
    2. in the Start menu click Control Panel
    3. click on the icon Internet Options
    4. on the General tab you see two buttons "Delete Cookies" & "Delete Files"
    5. click OK and close the Control Panel Window.

Every Week

Disk Cleanup
This is a quick and easy way to clean out the junk that you collect like temporary files, most recently visited and obsolite files
    1. click start menu button
    2. choose all programs
    3. choose upto accessories
    4. choose to system tools
    5. select Disk Cleanup
    6. you can choose other options like empty the temporary folder and recycle bin, then click OK

Every Month

Disk Defragment
Your programs slowly degrade and can become fragments in the files, Defragmenting collates these fragmented programs making the pc start a little faster and run smoother, it is advisable that you Do Not Use the pc during Defragmentation, it is a slow process, depending on if it has not been done in a while 1 to 3 hrs approximately, or even longer upto 6hrs if it has never been done that you know of, so it is best done over night when you are sleeping or possibly daytime when nobody is using the pc.
    1. click start menu button
    2. choose all programs
    3. move upto accessories
    4. move to system tools
    5. select Disk Defragment
    6. it will analyse your drive, then click defragment to start the proccess

Checking For Errors
    1. Double click "my computer" icon on desktop
    2. Right click the hard drive
    3. In the menu choose "properties"
    4. Clikc o the "tools" tab
    5. You will see a button "check now"
    6. You can tick "automaticly correct errors" if desired (recomended)
    7. Click OK to start

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Essential Maintenance
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