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 Robust File Copy (Called RoboCopy)

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PostSubject: Robust File Copy (Called RoboCopy)   Thu Aug 02, 2007 6:31 am


RoboCopy or Robust File Copy for Windows is an enhanced file copy that far surpasses what you can do from either the Explorer or XCOPY.
It is a very robust command line driven program with a huge amount of switches and options. In addition to standard switches like /S for subdirectories,
Just a short list is:
    * /PURGE :: delete dest files/dirs that no longer exist in source
    * /MOV :: MOVe files (delete from source after copying)
    * /MON:n :: MONitor source; run again when more than n changes seen.
    * /MOT:m :: MOnitor source; run again in m minutes Time, if changed
    * /MAX:n :: MAXimum file size - exclude files bigger than n bytes.
    * /MAXAGE:n :: MAXimum file AGE - exclude files older than n days/date
    * /R:n :: number of Retries on failed copies: default 1 million
    * /TBD :: wait for sharenames To Be Defined (retry error 67)

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Robust File Copy (Called RoboCopy)
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