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 Instructions For DJ Broadcasting : By Jack Da Stripper

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PostSubject: Instructions For DJ Broadcasting : By Jack Da Stripper   Wed Aug 01, 2007 1:25 am

There are many ways to do this but this way is deigned to work together for less problems.......Good luck
1. Download winamp 5.XX from www.winamp.com is the full free player http://www.winamp.com/player/free.........
2. install winamp to your program files and open......
3. go here http://www.winamp.com/plugins/browse.php?search=yes&filter=C&query=jetcast
4. download Jetcast dsp/plug in for Winamp v2 and open the file, install to your program files, click finish.
5. start your Winamp, a small Jetcast box should appear, click on the hammer icon and set up as follows...
General - check the box and the sound card on your comp. will appear in the first box, the second box should say - microphone
Language - dont check this box! use the default language......
Format - check Use MP3 as streaming format, the next 2 are blank and the quality is set at 48 kbps,but you NEED to configure to 20Kbits/11025Hz stereo to reduce buffering

Station - MX Radio
Homepage - www.jetaudio.com
language - English
Genre - ?? whatever you like
Generation - N/A
Commentary - with Comment
Details - Tune in for Music , Comedy request nites and More!
*******next page*******
DJ Info - your Name , your real e-mail address and sex
*******next page*******
Time - irregular
*******next page*******
Private settings - Do not enter nothing here
*******next page *******
Title format String - the (your name ) Show .... enter http://your ip
(For your ip go to www.whatismyip.com )

******next Page*******
Server - Streaming port is 9000 ... Max Listeners is 8 .........do not enter anything into the config on this page!....
*******next Page*******
Directory Server - check both boxes and click ok, these changes will take place after restarting!!!!.........
RESTART!!!!!PC....... ALWAYS check winmx bandwith settings reduced to a min and both boxes are checked, no uneeded apps running in background ie msn etc, uploads and downloads are cancelled , recheck ip after reboot and re-add new ip (if changed to metadata in jetcast)but most importantly REBOOT before a show .. Thanks
You will now be able to Broadcast!
Your Address is going to be as Follows - http://(your ip):9000 if you have a firewall(If you have a Firewall or Router you should allow JetCast to have access through ports 9000 9001 & 9010. ) or a router these Ports MUST be opened!!! or it will not work!
www.portfoward.com for router probs
Start winamp and load up your music, select and play a song, click on the satelite icon of the Jetcast box (the first 1) and it should flash green and say "On Air" You're Broadcasting!!!!!
When Broadcasting Minimize ALL internet ,Winmx Badwidth settings ie 10000 need to be adjusted in setting for best results, I dont up or download anything while Broadcasting!!!


bottom right in you teask bar there is a speaker icon right click and scroll to adjust audio properties
then click on voice and go to the test hardware button and click
follow the instructions
right go back to the icon again right click and this time go to open vol control
now this opens a volume control panel and in middle somewhere ya will see microphone option ,, click on the advance button on the microphone option and make sure the boost box is ticked
make sure mute box is unchecked also the volume on mic option is set pretty high but not too high
and ya ready to test!!!
now when on air click on the mic bottom bottom left of your jetcast,,, and talk.. remember to depress when you have stopped talking ,,,,,


Number one the IP address you are using is your private IP address, meaning that if anyone is going to hear you they have to be on your local network.

Try going to http://www.whatismyip.com and use that IP address to give to your friends, this IP address is your public IP addess and anyone on the internet can access it. Be warned that many ISP's change your IP address so once you get things working if it stops then you should check your IP address first.

Next to forward your ports login to your router.

Under the "Advanced" tab click on "Virtual Servers". Enter your private IP address and the port that you've setup JetCast to use. (By default it's 9000.) Make sure you hit the "Apply" button, you should receive a message stating "Rules successfully applied" or something to that affect.

After all that you're ready to try broadcasting. If you're broadcasting in MP3 your link is http://publicip:port/listen.pls

Try this link to see if your streaming or not
It will want to say that "A server is running on this port!"
If not, you are not broacasting. Make sure your settings do not include an external server if your not using one.
Also, Rule #1. Always reboot your comptuer after making changes.
Not a restart, a cold reboot.

http://www.geocities.com/peercast_listener/how2jet.htm <--------- jetcast how-to

FOR THOSE folk who do not have ACM Encoder


control panel/security/firewall...
uncheck dont allow exceptions, then under Exceptions tab...
add program [ if you dont see the program, like i didnt] click on browes and find the .exe file
no port info to enter here
and you cant do both tcp and ucp... in went with tcp



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Instructions For DJ Broadcasting : By Jack Da Stripper
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