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 Talk Or Be Kicked : By Zenar

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PostSubject: Talk Or Be Kicked : By Zenar   Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:37 pm


//Put peoples who not be kicked...
<usergroup name="TKsafe" case="1">

//Put peoples who use this script
<usergroup name="TKadmin" case="1">
//Do not remove this name or else, this script will not work

//To turn on the script
<command type="script" usergroup="TKadmin">
<in>tk on*</in>
<out type="push" extdata="1201">1</out>
<out type="script">/opmsg Talk or Kick ON</out>

//To turn off the script
<command type="script" usergroup="TKadmin">
<in>tk off*</in>
<out type="push" extdata="1201">0</out>
<out type="script">/opmsg Talk or Kick OFF</out>

//When a guy enter in your room, it start the script
<OnEnter type="script" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1201]%" rvalue="1" usergroup="!TKsafe">
<out type="push" extdata="1200">%NAME%</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1206">%IP%</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1202">nop</out>
<out type="self">!TKrun</out>

//It stop the script when the person talk
<command type="script" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1206]%" rvalue="%IP%">
<out>/opmsg %NAME% can talk!</out>
<out type="self">TK reload</out>

<command type="script" mode="thread" usergroup="TKadmin">
<out type="push" extdata="1201">0</out>
<out>/opmsg Wait a reaction from %USERVAR[1200]%...</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1203">0</out>
<out type="sleep" extdata="1000"></out>
<out type="break" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1202]%" rvalue="ok"/>
<out type="push" extdata="1203"><operator type="+" lvalue="%USERVAR[1203]%" rvalue="1"/></out>

//This message appair after 30 seconds if the guy doesn't talk. This number must be more small than the counter.
<out type="script" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1203]%" rvalue="30">Can you said hi %USERVAR[1200]%?</out>
//This counter wait 45 seconds before kick
<out type="goto" extdata="-4" condition="!=" lvalue="%USERVAR[1203]%" rvalue="45"/>
<out sleep="5000" condition="!=" lvalue="%USERVAR[1202]%" rvalue="ok">/kick %RAWNAME[%USERVAR[1200]%]%</out>
<out condition="!=" lvalue="%USERVAR[1202]%" rvalue="ok">%USERVAR[1200]% was kicked because he don't know to said anything...</out>

//If the guy change name...
<OnRename type="script">
<out type="push" extdata="1204">%OLDNAME%</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1205">%NEWNAME%</out>
<out type="script" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1206]%" rvalue="%IP%">/opmsg %USERVAR[1204]% has changed his name to %USERVAR[1205]% but he can't talk...</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1200" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1206]%" rvalue="%IP%">%USERVAR[1205]%</out>

//If the guy exit, it stop the script
<OnLeave type="script">
<out type="push" extdata="1207">%IP%</out>
<out type="self">TK leave</out>

<command type="script" usergroup="TKadmin" condition="==" lvalue="%USERVAR[1206]%" rvalue="%USERVAR[1207]%">
<in>TK leave</in>
<out type="script">/opmsg %USERVAR[1200]% has left without said anything.</out>
<out type="self">TK reload</out>

<command type="script" usergroup="TKadmin">
<in>TK reload</in>
<out type="push" extdata="1206">ok</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1202">ok</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1200">ok</out>
<out type="push" extdata="1201">1</out>
<out>/opmsg TK was ready to kick that dumb ass</out>


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Talk Or Be Kicked : By Zenar
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