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 Insulted By The Bot : By Gamemaster

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PostSubject: Insulted By The Bot : By Gamemaster   Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:23 pm


<config>//Insults fun.xml Gamemaster

<command type="random">
<in>!insult %PARAM%</in>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly when you walk into a bank, they turn off the surveillence cameras.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat you sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly you put the boogie man out of buisness</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly you make Michael Jackson look like Brad Pitt</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly when you applied for the ugly contest they told you 'NO Professionals'</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly you were a guard at Snake Mountain</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly Tony Blair moved Halloween to your birthday.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly you scared the stitching outta Frankenstein.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly we had to tie a steak round your neck so the dogs would play with you.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly your shadow gave up.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly hotel managers use your picture to keep away the Rats.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly instead of round the ankles, they put the Bungee Jumping cord round your neck.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so ugly they gave you a middle name...'accident'.</out>
<out>%PARAM% has green hair and thinks they are a Tree.</out>
<out>%PARAM% has wooden boobs and breast feeds beavers</out> 
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid I told you drinks were on the house...so you went and got a ladder...</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you noticed a sign reading 'Wet Floor'...so you just did!</out> 
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you asked for a refund on a jigsaw puzzle complaining it was broken.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you got locked in the Quickie Mart and nearly starved to death.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you sold your Car for Petrol cash!</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you once attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a Kerb.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old you left your purse on Noah's Ark.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old you still owes Moses a dollar.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old when you were at school...there was No history class!</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old when I asked for your ID you handed me a rock</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old the fire department are on standby when you light your birthday cake</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old you sat in front of Jesus in 1st grade</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat when you step on the Weight Scales it says...'to be continued'...</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat you sat on a Nintendo Gamecube and it turned into a gameboy</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat NASA plan to use you to shore up the hole in the Ozone layer</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat you were measured at 38-26-36 and that was just the left arm...</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat you make olympic sumo wrestlers look anerixic.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so fat when you farted you launched yourself into orbit.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid I found you peaking over a glass wall to see what was on the other side.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid it took you 2 days to make Microwaveable Pot Noodles.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you invented a silent car alarm.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you really thought the cinema was selling Free Willies...</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you were born on Halloween and can't remember your birthday.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you lost your shadow.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you somehow got fired from a Blow-Job</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid you thought Hot Meals were stolen food.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so stupid when I asked you to purchase me a Colour TV you asked me...'Which colour?'</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old your birthday expired.</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old when Moses parted the Red Sea, he found you fishing on the other side!</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re so old you got the first copy of the Ten Commandments.</out>
<out>%PARAM% Your Girlfriend's so old, she invented the term 'oldest profession in the world'</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re mamma's so fat, when she went to the beach, the whales sang "We are family!"</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re mama so fat, the whales sing</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re Mama's so fat, when she blinks, her eyelids clap! </out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re mama is so fat, when God said let there be light,she had to move!</out>
<out>%PARAM% you`re mamma's so fat, the last time she saw 90210 was on the bathroom scale</out>


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Insulted By The Bot : By Gamemaster
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