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 Heads Or Tails : Author Unknown

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PostSubject: Heads Or Tails : Author Unknown   Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:21 pm


<command type="script">
<in>!Heads or Tails</in>
<out>Heads or Tails starting - Type Your guess's like !flip +Heads or !flip +Tails  dont include the +</out>
<out delay="500">This Is A One Player Game So Dont Interupt When Someone Is Playing Thank You.</out>

// coin flip script
<command flood="6" type="script">
<in>!flip %PARAM%</in>

<out type="push" extdata="validheads"><operator type="strfind" lvalue="heads" rvalue="%PARAM%"/></out>
<out type="push" extdata="validtails"><operator type="strfind" lvalue="tails" rvalue="%PARAM%"/></out>
<out type="push" extdata="valid"><operator type="+" lvalue="$validheads$" rvalue="$validtails$"/></out>

<out condition="==" lvalue="$valid$" rvalue="-2">Only heads or tails count, %PARAM% doesn't count!</out>
<out type="break" condition="==" lvalue="$valid$" rvalue="-2"/>

<out type="push" condition="==" lvalue="$validheads$" rvalue="-1" extdata="choice">2</out>
<out type="push" condition="!=" lvalue="$validheads$" rvalue="-1" extdata="choice">1</out>

<out>Flips coin for %NAME%...</out>
<out type="push" extdata="coin"><operator type="+" lvalue="%RANDOMNUM[2]%" rvalue="1"/></out>

// Roll the drums....!
<out delay="5000" condition="==" lvalue="$coin$" rvalue="1">It's heads!</out>
<out delay="5000" condition="==" lvalue="$coin$" rvalue="2">It's tails!</out>

<out delay="1000" condition="!=" lvalue="$coin$" rvalue="$choice$">Sorry, %NAME%, better luck next time!</out>
<out delay="1000" condition="==" lvalue="$coin$" rvalue="$choice$">Congratulations, %NAME%!</out>


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Heads Or Tails : Author Unknown
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