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 Farting Bot : By Black Panther

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PostSubject: Farting Bot : By Black Panther   Tue Jul 31, 2007 5:13 pm


<command type="random">
<out>It is possible</out>
<out>Why should i fart</out>
<out>Fart urself</out>
<out>Do it urself u lazy idiot</out>
<out>I wouldent dare</out>
<out>I cud fart out my intestines</out>
<out>I'll blow</out>
<out>I'd rather cut of my foot with a rusty breadknife</out>
<out>U wouldent dare make me... would you?</out>
<out>Go away u farting freak</out>
<out>I dont fart for a living u know!</out>
<out>Oh my god</out>
<out>That was a biggen</out>
<out>Oh noooo ... now look what you made me do to my new pants!</out>
<out>Repeat that please</out>
<out>What...u want me to fart?</out>
<out>U want me to fart....u wont after i have done it believe me!</out>
<out>If i fart...it'll blow ya out the room :|</out>
<out>Get in there and make me!</out>
<out>Have we got beans?</out>
<out>U wish</out>
<out>U would die</out>
<out>In ur dreams m8</out>
<out>It might help with my stress but i dont think so</out>
<out>You are sick</out>
<out>What is wrong with you</out>
<out>Heres the number for my counciler</out>
<out>I dont fart, i am posh</out>
<out>Gimme one reason why i shud?</out>
<out>Has fart got lumps? if not then i've shit myself</out>
<out>Was that an earthquake or did you just fart?</out>


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Farting Bot : By Black Panther
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